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see libel and slanderlibel and slander,
in law, types of defamation. In common law, written defamation was libel and spoken defamation was slander. Today, however, there are no such clear definitions.
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See also Gossip.
Slaughter (See MASSACRE.)
calumniating, niggardly bigot. [Fr. Lit.: Barber of Seville; Marriage of Figaro]
Blatant Beast
monster with 100 tongues; calumnious voice of world. [Br. Lit.: Faerie Queene]
Candour, Mrs.
the most energetic calumniator. [Br. Lit.: School for Scandal]
cobaea vine
symbol of slander. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 173]
symbol of slander. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 174]
malignant Venetian commander; slanders Cassio to Othello. [Br. Lit.: Othello]
Kay, Sir
ill-mannered, mean-spirited, but above all, scurrilous. [Br. Lit.: Le Morte d’Arthur; Idylls of the King]
made leprous for maligning Moses’s marriage to Cushite. [O.T.: Numbers 12:9–10]
vilifies David, implying he stole Saul’s throne. [O.T.: II Samuel 16:7–8]
dedicated to denigrating his betters. [Gk. Lit.: Iliad; Br. Lit.: Troilus and Cressida]


a. defamation in some transient form, as by spoken words, gestures, etc.
b. a slanderous statement, etc.
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Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski confirmed Friday he would press charges against SDSM leader Zoran Zaev for slander.
Zaev's lawyer, Miroslav Vujik, told Nova TV that the prime minister can only sue Zaev for slander and not insult.
The juxtaposition of the Miriam case study and the subsequent leprosy and isolation of Miriam suggests a causal connection--just as she was punished with leprosy for slandering Moses, so too, in general, leprosy is a punishment for slander.
Summary: Two US journalists sentenced to 12 years hard labour by North Korea were trying to slander the state, the reclusive country has claimed.
POSH Spice Victoria Beckham landed a pounds 100,000 bill yesterday after losing part of a slander action involving a celebrity autograph shop.
Sexual Slander in Nineteenth-Century England: Defamation in the Ecclesiastical Courts, 1815-1855.
He further demonstrates his intolerance by accusing those with differing views of being slanderers and yet himself slanders them with terms such as ``flimflam,'' ``spin-thugs'' and ``dubious.
As Phedon tells Guyon and the Palmer, the cause of all his misfortunes was his friend Philemon whose slanders against Claribell aroused his jealous fury.
Six newspapers joined Coulter's list of more than 60 clients since Slander was published, said Kathie Kerr, director of communications for Universal Press Syndicate, adding that the Centre Daily Times is the only paper she knows to recently cancel the three-year Universal columnist.