slap dash

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rock dash

An exterior stucco finish containing crushed rock, large pebbles, or shells that are imbedded in a stucco base; also called pebble dash or slap dash.
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So, despite the poverty crisis in this country, the government is either too slap dash or too uncaring to use all funds available to tackle it.
Out of character as making slap dash arrangements is, for now, it's by far the wisest option.
The attention to the design and detail of both was a change from the slap dash approach you sometimes get in pubs and sharing two between three did us grand.
Claiming the grievance hearing as "slap dash", Ms Thursfield said: "She felt very early on that her complaints were never going to be taken seriously.
Also perfect was the service - quick without feeling rushed, relaxed without being slap dash. Not cheap, at around PS12 to PS15 for a main course, but a real treat.
Obviously this is for fear of blowing my cover and has nothing to do with a lack of professionalism and a generally slap dash approach to food criticism.
But a slap dash part rocker, part nonchalant look is not what we expect from you, Shilpa!
Your ruler is also well supported by the Sun, so changes at home can go smoothly - as long as you are not slap dash about the smaller details.