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What does it mean when you dream about slaughter?

Most people become deeply and violently repulsed after visiting a slaughterhouse. In a dream, a slaughterhouse could be a response to a traumatic experience in one’s waking life.

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Infuriated by political animosity, the wives in many a noble household wearied their lords with prayers to give up their opposition to the Colour Bill; and some, finding their entreaties fruitless, fell on and slaughtered their innocent children and husband, perishing themselves in the act of carnage.
"I will answer slaughter with law," the Commissioner replied.
I went with a heavy heart, my father, for of all the evil sights that I have seen it seemed to me that this was the most evil--that the Amaboona should be slaughtered thus treacherously, and that the impis should be sent out treacherously to murder those who were left of them, together with their women and children.
"If there are even fifty guns within the palisade we shall be repulsed and slaughtered. Let me go alone through the trees, so that I may look down upon them from above, and see just how many there be, and what chance we might have were we to charge.
Finally, however, Tarzan succeeded in silencing them, on the plea that their noise would attract the Arabs to their hiding-place, when all would be slaughtered.
It was the swiftness of it that made the slaughter so appalling.
I was sick of the slaughter, you see, and besides, they'd helped work the schooner out.
One gusty, raw day at the end of April--the rain whipping the pavement of that ancient street where the old Slaughters' Coffee- house was once situated--George Osborne came into the coffee-room, looking very haggard and pale; although dressed rather smartly in a blue coat and brass buttons, and a neat buff waistcoat of the fashion of those days.
Body composition in relation to slaughter weight and gender in suckling lambs.
Animal activists have fought hard to eliminate horse slaughter in the U.S.
The decision to overturn a slaughter notice served on Shambo the temple bull should never have been made, a Court of Appeal hearing was told yesterday.
The Welsh Assembly Government had been expected to take steps to slaughter Shambo, of the Skanda Vale Temple in West Wales, next week after he tested positive for bovine tuberculosis.