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What does it mean when you dream about slaughter?

Most people become deeply and violently repulsed after visiting a slaughterhouse. In a dream, a slaughterhouse could be a response to a traumatic experience in one’s waking life.

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I realize," he said, "that there are many people who feel they need to use chickens in order to properly carry out the custom, but as is well known, there are numerous reasons to oppose use of chickens from a halachic point of view -- such as cruelty to animals, as well as the likelihood that many of the chickens will be rendered non-kosher because the slaughterers do not have time to check their work before moving on to the next bird.
At the slaughterhouse location, 3 of 104 sheep slaughterers and 4 of 5 camel slaughterers were antibody-positive (Figure).
Some two dozen amateur slaughterers - skinners and boners from local abattoirs, sanitation workers, even prisoners from a nearby jail - were paid 10 rupees for every sheep they slaughtered.
Nevertheless, these massacres never brought about the victory of the slaughterers.
Ritual slaughterers receive an extensive education, training for several years under a master and requiring certification.
35/head for cattle slaughterers, 60p/head for sheep producers and 20p/head for sheep slaughterers.
All the slaughterers in these establishments must be Muslim and say a prayer when making the cut across the animal's throat, which kills it, the Daily Mail reports.
The drop in prices came after trading was postponed earlier this week as farmers and slaughterers failed to agree on a price that would cover rising feed costs caused by reduced grain production in Russia and Ukraine.
Various friends along the way, such as the affable banderbear, a family of slaughterers, and even the sinister sky-pirates, guide and help Twig in his journey to discover his destiny and understand his true identity.
SIR - In order for the meat hygiene service to cut its costs next year from pounds 91m to pounds 74m, the controlling body, the Food Standards Agency, proposes to reduce their slaughterhouse costs of pounds 56m a year by passing some of those costs on to slaughterers.
In October 2001, a group of four farmers' federations decided to take matters into their own hands and engineered an agreement with two federations of slaughterers setting minimum beef prices and limiting beef imports.