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see abattoirabattoir
[Fr.], building for butchering. The abattoir houses facilities to slaughter animals; dress, cut and inspect meats; and refrigerate, cure, and manufacture byproducts. The largest abattoirs are those of the meatpacking industry.
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; meatpackingmeatpacking
or meat-processing,
wholesale business of buying and slaughtering animals and then processing and distributing their carcasses to retailers. The livestock industry is among the largest in the world.
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(in Russian, uboinyipunkt), an enterprise where livestock is butchered for meat. Slaughterhouses are found in settlements not serviced by meat-packing plants. A slaughterhouse has a stockyard, a slaughter room, rooms for handling meat by-products, fat products, and entrails, a hide-salting room, and a room for processing wastes. A refrigeration room is used to store perishable products. Slaughterhouses process meat, meat by-products, melted food fats, entrails, preserved hides, industrial fats, and boiled animal feeds. All processes are based on simple technology and must comply with hygienic and sanitary standards. Veterinary workers supervise the reception and slaughter of animals, as well as the processing and marketing of food and industrial products.

Industrial livestock-raising complexes, large cattle farms, sovkhozes, kolkhozes, and other agricultural enterprises have slaughterhouses for the slaughter of diseased livestock when this is determined necessary by veterinarians.

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During a meeting of the committee on Thursday, its chairman Rehman Malik said he had learnt that dead chicken and animals were being sold in Islamabad just because there was no slaughterhouse.
The products are not exported yet, though the new slaughterhouse meets all the EAEU standards.
Describing the characteristics of the slaughterhouse and its capacity, the entrepreneur said that 20-25 small and large cattle are slaughtered per day.
The new mobile slaughterhouse [on wheels] is expected to to ease pressure on the emirate's abbatoirs.
Moreno also described the sorry state of the slaughterhouse as 'terrible.'
More than 200 meat traders at Ol Kalou town assembled at the slaughterhouse on Monday, marched to the governor's office to meet Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia.
Unless a solution can be found, this small slaughterhouse is at risk of closure on July 1 due to the high volume of inspections, audits and paperwork required," said Mr MacNeil.
In Tanzania, there had been cases of slaughterhouse workers using sledgehammers to kill donkeys, he added.
The exact location of the illegal slaughterhouse has not been disclosed, but it is understood that it is in Pembrokeshire.
The manager of the abattoir reported to police at 3pm that over Wednesday night a number of aluminium hooks kept in a box were stolen from the grounds of the slaughterhouse.
He said that raiding team also discovered the worst condition of the slaughterhouse, an abundance of creepy-crawlies and insects, presence of cats and heap of offal and filth of animals.