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vehicle that moves by sliding. A sledge is typically a heavier, load-carrying sled drawn by a horse or dog, while a sleigh is a partially enclosed horse-drawn vehicle with runners that has seats for passengers. The simplest form of the sled is a board turned up in front, as in the toboggan. Developments include the addition of wooden or metal runners, the coupling of two sleds in tandem (the bobsled), and the introduction of light and graceful horse-drawn passenger sleighs. Small sleds with runners are used in winter sports.

Evidence indicates that the sled was used in the Neolithic period, before the invention of the wheel or the use of any draft animal except the dog. Probably it was first drawn by a person. Whether the sled originated in the Old World or the New, or independently in each, is not known. Eskimos used a dogsled in pre-Columbian America. In ancient Egypt sleds were used to haul blocks of stone. The sled is still commonly used in northern regions.

See bobsleddingbobsledding,
winter sport in which a bobsled—a partially enclosed vehicle with steerable sledlike runners, accommodating two or four persons—hurtles down a course of iced, steeply banked, twisting inclines.
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; lugeluge
, a type of small sled on which one or two persons, lying face up, slide feet first down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving, iced chutes similar to those used in bobsledding.
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; skeletonskeleton,
in winter sports, a type of small, very low, steel-frame sled on which one person, lying face down, slides headfirst down snowy hillsides or down steeply banked, curving, iced chutes similar to those used in luge and bobsledding.
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; tobogganingtobogganing,
sport of coasting down snowy hillsides or chutes on a toboggan, a flat-bottomed vehicle made of hard wood. The toboggan, typically measuring 1.5 ft by 6–8 ft (.46 m by 1.8–2.
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; see also travoistravois
, device used by Native North Americans of the Great Plains for transporting their tepees and household goods. It consisted of two poles, lashed one on either side of a dog or, later, a horse, with one end of each pole dragging on the ground.
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An item equipped with runners and a suitable body designed to transport loads over ice and snow.


1 (esp US and Canadian), sled
1. a vehicle mounted on runners, drawn by horses or dogs, for transporting people or goods, esp over snow
2. a light wooden frame used, esp by children, for sliding over snow; toboggan
3. NZ a farm vehicle mounted on runners, for use on rough or muddy ground


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Online retailing has improved the situation to some degree, but even then it is difficult to find gear that is suitable for dog sledding.
A 2010 study conducted by the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, found that from 1997 to 2007 more than 229,000 children (or an average of 20,000 children a year) under the age of 19 sustained sledding injuries that required a trip to the hospital.
I had always been a Flexible Flyer type of fellow -- I loved the superior steering control the thing gave me and it was safer than other nutty sledding devices, such as the aluminum saucer, which gave a kid zero control -- but I used it so much, it eventually broke.
The project came about because we didn't really have a place on the Willamette (Forest) that's free and available for folks for sledding," Smith said.
Your child's bike helmet should become an even more important sledding helmet.
Source: Bob Brooke, A Short History of Sleds and Sledding in America
Armed with a copy of Regina's sledding literature, I informed my husband Tim that night that we were going to go sledding as well as skiing on our vacation.
Owners and operators of sliding hills are often under the misconception that if they post No Sledding signs or simply do not designate a sledding area within their community, they will have no legal responsibility for sledding accidents.
If you're sledding in an area that is not set up for sledding, make sure an adult checks out the hill first.
Hit the highest hill in your 'hood or, if you take your sledding super-serious, some ski slopes have trails open for SummerSledders.
You're wet and freezing, but you can't get enough of downhill sledding.
It's a work sled--not meant for downhill sledding and such.