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a large heavy hammer with a long handle used with both hands for heavy work such as forging iron, breaking rocks, etc.
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(design engineering)
A large heavy hammer that is usually wielded with two hands; used for driving stakes or breaking stone.
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sledgehammer, sledge

A large hammer having two faces; weighs up to 100 lb (45 kg); grasped with both hands.
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An earlier family of 64-bit x86 CPU chips from AMD, formerly code-named Sledgehammer (part of the Hammer line). Introduced in April 2003, the Opteron fully supported 32-bit applications but required that programs be optimized and recompiled to take full advantage of the 64 bits. The 64-bit version of Windows, starting with XP, also took advantage of the increased CPU word size. Intended for servers and high-end workstations, the Opteron competed with Intel's Xeon and Itanium lines. AMD subsequently introduced 64-bit Athlon CPUs (see Athlon).

Multicore Opterons
In 2005, following the introduction of its Athlon dual-core chips, AMD introduced dual-core Opterons with quad-core compatibility (dual cores could be replaced with quad-core chips on the same motherboard). In 2007, it introduced the quad-core models and later came out with 6- and 12-core chips. In 2017, AMD launched its EPYC family of CPUs for servers and embedded systems, which superseded the Opteron line (see EPYC). See AMD64, Hammer, Xeon and Itanium.
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In his petition, Eurnek accused Ecelik of "an attempt to influence the judiciary," over the AK Party spokesperson's criticism of the Constitutional Court ruling which found that the rights of Eurnek and other suspects in the Sledgehammer trial had been violated.
However a spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: "Initial enquiries carried out suggest that the injuries the horse sustained were not inflicted by a sledgehammer.
Yesterday, police confirmed they were investigating reports of a sledgehammer attack, but later confirmed vets' findings.
LONDON - Police officers and counterterrorism officials in Britain were investigating attacks on five mosques Thursday, including one in which a man took a sledgehammer to smash the windows of a house of worship in Birmingham, England.
In the first CCTV clip, a male with a white mask hiding his face runs across the road with a sledgehammer and goes straight for the fire exit.
The Sledgehammer, owned by southern Illinois resident John Deas, has not been put on public display since Deas acquired it more than a decade ago.
"Call of Duty: WWII" directors and the co-founders of Sledgehammer Games Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield have left the company.
A BAGILLT man told police officers to "*** off " when they went to his door and threatened to go and get a sledgehammer to assault them.
The three men in hoodies used a sledgehammer to steal more than PS1000 worth of cigarettes.
A young man wielding a sledgehammer robbed a kiosk in Larnaca in the early hours of Sunday, the Cyprus News Agency reported.
A JEALOUS husband smashed up his estranged wife's home with a sledgehammer after accusing her of having "feelings" for pop star Robbie Williams.
Go to THIEVES smashed their way into Birkenhead Park's visitor centre with a sledgehammer - just weeks after vandals caused PS20,000 of damage to the historic Swiss Bridge.