sleeper plate

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1. One of a number of horizontal timbers that are laid on a concrete slab (or on the ground) and to which the flooring is nailed.
2. Any long horizontal beam, at or near the ground, which distributes the load from posts or framing.
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Contract Awarded to supply rail track and steel sleeper plate to Network Rail for at least five years.
description of the procurement: Cold rooms and small refrigeration technology: - 300 m 2 waterproofing and wall and floor insulation for conventional cold storage, - 150 m 2 system partition walls and ceiling elements in sandwich construction with shiplap, - 170 m 2 wall pre-treatment, Wall plaster and wall tiles, - 11 refrigerated and freezer compartment doors for installation in masonry or system partition walls, - 9 deep recessed sleeper plates for the professional processing of the seal at the floor passages in the door openings (corridors to cold storage rooms), - 400 m refrigeration piping including condensate line, - 230 m cold insulation of pipelines for defrost water and energy saving, - 3 st.