sleeping porch

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1. An exterior structure that shelters a building entrance.
2. An exterior structure that extends along the outside of a building; usually roofed and generally open-sided, but may also be partially enclosed, screened, or glass-enclosed; it is often an addition to the main structure; also called a veranda, galerie, or piazza; if set within the building structure, it is said to be an integral porch.
3. A small vestibule inside the front door of a 17th-century colonial American house, usually containing a steep stair leading to the loft space above. Also See carriage porch, double-decker porch, double-tiered porch, engaged porch, full-façade porch, full-width porch, gabled porch, inset porch, integral porch, lattice porch, portale, projecting porch, raised porch, shed-roof porch, sleeping porch, storm porch, two-tiered porch, wrap-around porch.
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The sleeping porch confirms that the rewards of the working-class pastoral ethos are largely items of bourgeois leisure, and this passage is perhaps more accurately an example of a middle-class pastoral since the Merserve's have by now successfully scaled the social ladder.
The oversize master suite is located on the top floor with a porch and large sleeping porch or office study.
The Downtown Collection at One Loudoun offers single-family homes varying in size up to 3,800 square feet with Chicago inspired design, must see kitchens, lofts, sleeping porch and studio over garage features.
Off the bedroom is a sleeping porch, an architectural feature popular in the early decades of the 20th century.
In addition, the 2009 Idea House includes a thoughtful outdoor living space with kitchen and eating area, sleeping porch, bunkroom, recreation room, kayak storage room, spectacular master bedroom, bath, kitchen, and a top floor gathering room with a fireplace.
Soon to reopen after a renovation, the lodge offers overnight guests their choice among several themed bedrooms and a cozy enclosed sleeping porch, along with home-cooked meals.
A third of the rear veranda is enclosed as a sleeping porch.
This stone home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a screened-in sleeping porch with its own fireplace and a large playroom.
This room that once had four window openings (three remain) was originally a sleeping porch and is now a cozy place of solitude.
00 for a three-bedroom, three-bathroom suite for eight guests (1,880 square-feet); $7,450 for a Grand Lodge three-bedroom, three-bathroom suite that can accommodate eight to ten guests (2,065 square-feet); and $7,950 for the four-bedroom, four bathroom Presidential suite, which features an outdoor sleeping porch and is tailored to accommodate up to ten guests.