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1. a tubular piece that is forced or shrunk into a cylindrical bore to reduce the diameter of the bore or to line it with a different material; liner
2. a tube fitted externally over two cylindrical parts in order to join them; bush
3. a flat cardboard or plastic container to protect a gramophone record
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A tube or tube-like part fitting over or around another part; a pipe used to provide openings for the installation of electric and plumbing services, used in solid concrete floors through which the services must pass. Also called a sleeve chase.
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The cylindrical contact that is farthest from the tip of a phone plug.
Insulating tubing used over wires or components. Also known as bushing; sleeving.
A cylindrical part designed to fit over another part.
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pipe sleeve

pipe sleeve, 1
1. A cylindrical insert, placed in a form for a concrete wall, in a location where a pipe is to pierce the wall; the insert prevents concrete from flowing into the cylindrical opening.
2. A pipe coupling.
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According to Eric Fresnel, president of Sleever International in France, "The choice of label material and equipment is best done on a case-by-case basis, depending on whether the bottle is filled hot or cold, sleeved before or after filling, and other variables." According to consultant Packaging Strategies, copolyester labels will grow by 35%/yr through 2005, while vinyl will grow at 12%/yr, OPS at 10%/yr, and BOPP at 8%/yr.
Currently two glass jars and a tapered glass bottle are filled (with products such as Pesto, Olives and Olive Oil sourced from countries such as Italy, Greece and Turkey), capped and sleeved. The sleeves cover the caps to make them tamper evident.