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Rohwedder wasn't the first to attempt making an automated bread slicer, according to the Atlantic: "While the earlier bread-cutting devices using parallel blades appear in America in the 1860s, they sat on the shelf for decades, awaiting the introduction of other machines capable of producing loaves of uniform shape, size and consistency.
The Timeline slicer is asking for dates in March and April.
Data collectors interviewed food workers, away from the manager, about their characteristics and food safety knowledge, and how often each slicer was fully cleaned ("How often do you break down, clean, then sanitize this slicer?
Potential licensees in the household products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Cake Slicer on a worldwide basis.
Weber Power Control won its Red Dot in the Communication Design category, illustrating how the complexity of the Weber slicers and in-feeder lines is overcome through a simple graphics-based touch screen operating system.
Durham University hosts the project and principle investigator Professor Ray Sharples, of the Department of Physics, who is also the Director of the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation, said: "One of the unique features of KMOS is the system of diamond-machined image slicers, produced by Durham Precision Optics, which consists of over a thousand gold-coated optical surfaces each manufactured with a precision of a few billionths of a metre.
Slicers make it easy to apply filters and see the selected filters.
Show them that these many benefits and more are as easy as 1, 2, 3, with a back-to-basics food slicer demonstration.
Slicer heads require daily removal from the frame for proper cleaning and sanitizing.
If you like yours hard-boiled instead of chocolate, an egg slicer cuts your breakfast into perfectly even slices.
the leading designer and manufacturer of food processing and concession equipment for over 120 years, offers the Echols Slaw Shredder and Food Slicer.
If you're a fan of caprese or other salads using sliced, fresh mozzarella, pick up the new Mario Batali Mozzarella Slicer.