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1. any of various utensils having a broad flat blade and resembling a spatula
2. in golf, tennis, etc.
a. the flight of a ball that travels obliquely because it has been struck off centre
b. the action of hitting such a shot
c. the shot so hit
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An arbitrary section of some uniform standard, such as thickness of a stratigraphic unit that is otherwise indivisible for purposes of analytic study.
(mining engineering)
A thin broad piece cut off, as a portion of ore cut from a pillar or face.
To remove ore by successive slices.
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slice and dice

Rearranging data so that it can be viewed from different perspectives. The term is typically used with OLAP databases that present information to the user in the form of multidimensional cubes similar to a 3D spreadsheet. See OLAP.

Slice and Dice Dialog
The BusinessObjects query, reporting and OLAP software provides a Slice and Dice Panel that can be called on at any time to rearrange the data. After dragging and dropping the icons into the appropriate windows, BusinessObjects displays the new perspective on screen. The "Section" window shows the breakdown of the overall report, and the "Block Structure" shows the required fields. (Screen shot courtesy of Business Objects.)

Web Slice

A syndication feed introduced in Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8). It lets a user subscribe to a part of a Web page that periodically changes and that has been coded as a Web Slice. When the change occurs in that Web Slice, IE 8 alerts the user. Although an RSS or Atom feed can be converted into a Web Slice, Slices were designed for even single items that change, such as an auction price. See hAtom and syndication format.

The Web Slice Icon
Wherever this icon appears on a Web page, the user can subscribe to the Slice and be alerted whenever that part of the page changes.
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Brendan Higginbotham, 21, was dragged down a lane by the brutal thugs who battered him with iron bars before slicing off his ear.
A MIDLAND lag is claiming pounds 100,000 from prison bosses for failing to stop a fellow inmate from slicing off one of his ears.
A mAn has been arrested for slicing off and eating parts of his gran - while she was still alive.