Slide Projector

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slide projector

[′slīd prə‚jek·tər]

Slide Projector


an opticomechanical projection device that magnifies images of transparent originals (slides and filmstrips) onto a built-in or wall screen. Slide projectors are used frequently during lectures to display pictures and drawings and for reading microfilm. Varieties of slide projectors include slide viewers and the magic lantern.

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Graph 4 Market for slide projectors in the country in question, 2007-2013 (US dollars)
Now, AV encompasses projectors (the video and data kind), VCRs, DVD players, digital recorders, audio PA systems and a whole host of other AV-designated equipment that even stretches into buzzwords like multimedia, real-time media, videoconferencing and even some legacy film and slide projectors.
While modern slide projectors use an electric bulb, magic lanterns were first powered by wax candles, then advanced to paraffin lamps.
KazPlan lets you schedule meetings in intricate detail, from the slide projectors and flip charts that are required, to the number of beverages that will be delivered to each conference room.
They can be found in many places and include floor lamps, overhead lights, photo-copiers, and slide projectors.
The planetarium also features four slide projectors - two that project images on the dome and two that do rear projection behind two screens on the front wall - and a professional sound system for audiovisual presentations.
Four 35-mm slide projectors with zoom lenses and affiliated yaw mirrors add signs to the scenario.
When Teradyne chose a quality process, we jumped into it, overhead slide projectors at the ready.
The program, taught by volunteers at nearly every elementary and middle school in Beaverton, must transition from slide projector systems to digital presentations as Kodak discontinued the manufacture of slide projectors in 2003 and will end parts support in 2011.
Taking a similar approach to the discarded materials of the recent past, Never Land reorients a selection of photographs originally captured for Phileleftheros, Cyprus's highest-circulation newspaper, into an oblique narrative for three slide projectors that focuses on the years preceding the country's admittance into the European Union in 2004.
Thanks to the latest Evans & Sutherland digital technology, there is no need for the traditional cumbersome equipment - including a central optical-mechanical star projector flanked by electro-mechanical slide projectors on the periphery and an array of special effects projectors