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slide projector

[′slīd prə‚jek·tər]

Slide Projector


an opticomechanical projection device that magnifies images of transparent originals (slides and filmstrips) onto a built-in or wall screen. Slide projectors are used frequently during lectures to display pictures and drawings and for reading microfilm. Varieties of slide projectors include slide viewers and the magic lantern.

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The ease of microscopic image photography brought about by digital cameras, combined with advances in presentation technology, resulted in the transition away from slide projectors, which used 35-mm positive-image slides projected onto a screen.
However, Kodak says that it will "continue to provide service and support for slide projectors through June 2011." It has no plans to "discontinue any color slide films at this time."
The Projector Floor Stand accommodates all Artograph projectors, as well as many other opaque and slide projectors. The platform may be rotated 360 degrees, tilted up to 15 degrees front to back and elevated up from 3 1/4 feet to 5 feet in height.
His show involves overhead projectors, slide projectors, film, strobes, liquid plates and other toys to spontaneously improvise and synchronize with the music.
Now, AV encompasses projectors (the video and data kind), VCRs, DVD players, digital recorders, audio PA systems and a whole host of other AV-designated equipment that even stretches into buzzwords like multimedia, real-time media, videoconferencing and even some legacy film and slide projectors. And more recently, a merger of AV and IT departments has forced a convergence in technologies that will soon produce an explosion of technological innovation that will create a plethora of network-enabled AV products.
The Projector Floor Stand accommodates all Artograph[R] projectors, as well as many other opaque and slide projectors. For more information on the Projector Floor Stand or Artograph projectors, please visit, call (888) 975-9555 or e-mail
Slide projectors are popular among many presenters because they provide good color reproduction, are capable of projecting a large image, and offer the advantage of remote operation.
Optical aids such as slide projectors are in widespread use today among painters, but art lovers typically revere the superb realism that Renaissance masters achieved without the apparent use of such devices.
(An effect familiar to those who remember psychedelic light shows produced with low-tech slide projectors.) This camouflage of illumination is augmented by a small LED display screen set into one elevation which projects more recognizable entertainment and news images.
Computer displays, video players, slide projectors, document cameras and other audiovisual equipment can all be integrated into the videoconferencing course curriculum.
While modern slide projectors use an electric bulb, magic lanterns were first powered by wax candles, then advanced to paraffin lamps.
KazPlan lets you schedule meetings in intricate detail, from the slide projectors and flip charts that are required, to the number of beverages that will be delivered to each conference room.