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a mucous substance produced by various organisms, such as fish, slugs, and fungi
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a substance of microbial origin that forms aqueous viscid solutions. In many bacteria the cell wall is covered by a slime capsule that protects pathogenic microbes from phagocytes. The secretion of slime in a certain direction enables myx-obacteria to move. Slime often binds individual bacteria cells into colonies in the form of long ribbons and films.


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Liquid slurry of very fine solids with slime- or mudlike appearance. Also known as mud; pulp; sludge.
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A dweeb's term for a sales person. See dweeb and suit.
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They actually did not know that it's a slime I was making.
According to the ISS, the slime will be the subject of various experiments aboard the station.
Test does not capture most of the potential allergens in popular slime recipes, the recently published Pediatric Baseline Patch Test Series by Yu et al.
Gittler, MD, of Columbia University, New York, and her colleagues have made a case that "slime" and new-onset hand dermatitis may be linked.
From the study, the snail slime showed positive effect on blood glucose-lowering level but less effective when compared with a similar dose of the Costus afer leaf methanol extract.
"A great number of these videos, particularly popular among children under 10 in the sample, involve so-called 'slime', a malleable and sticky substance made by mixing sodium borate and water.
The DIY Slime Kit, made by Essenson and available from Amazon, contained a purple slime that had four-and-a-half times the legal level of boron.
said: "Slime will feature in many letters to Santa, however we've found evidence children could be put at risk."
In the first video, Everly puts her hand in the bucket full of pink, beaded slime and lifts them out of with the slime trailing down her little hands.
Making the Jell-O slime appeared to be rather easy.
In Japan, a group who like to experiment with slime in science experiments, managed to stretch the longest distance of home-made slime in less than a minute.