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a mucous substance produced by various organisms, such as fish, slugs, and fungi
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a substance of microbial origin that forms aqueous viscid solutions. In many bacteria the cell wall is covered by a slime capsule that protects pathogenic microbes from phagocytes. The secretion of slime in a certain direction enables myx-obacteria to move. Slime often binds individual bacteria cells into colonies in the form of long ribbons and films.


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Liquid slurry of very fine solids with slime- or mudlike appearance. Also known as mud; pulp; sludge.
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A dweeb's term for a sales person. See dweeb and suit.
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Olympic-winning gymnast Laurie Hernandez got slimed after presenting the segment empowering young girls.
However, the actress was less keen on being slimed herself, saying: "No, no slime, no slime for Bella!"
Nearly 500 of the slimed birds have been transported to the rescue center in Fairfield, California, which was specially built to care for coastal wildlife contaminated with oil.