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a mucous substance produced by various organisms, such as fish, slugs, and fungi
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a substance of microbial origin that forms aqueous viscid solutions. In many bacteria the cell wall is covered by a slime capsule that protects pathogenic microbes from phagocytes. The secretion of slime in a certain direction enables myx-obacteria to move. Slime often binds individual bacteria cells into colonies in the form of long ribbons and films.


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Liquid slurry of very fine solids with slime- or mudlike appearance. Also known as mud; pulp; sludge.
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A dweeb's term for a sales person. See dweeb and suit.
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The presence of the cysts was combined with congestion on gills with excessive sliminess excretion as inflammatory response of irritations on gills caused by movements and fixation of the parasite (Meyer, 1968).
The usage of the control and regulation equipments which can be distance managed, with high performances in different working conditions, such as: high or low temperatures, sliminess, different pressures, or different actioning periods is an evident necessity as a result of the usage, on a large scale, of the automatization for different industrial processes or of a centralised conduction.
89, a "clean elections" initiative supported by a TV ad that decries the sliminess of political TV ads.
The upper Wye suffers from a dearth of invertebrates and the stones in the river lack sliminess. The acidifying effects are worst in areas that have a high rainfall.
The black snake is a striking visual figure in itself, and provides the sense of sliminess and slow gliding that Crabbe presents more directly, but in its very vividness it distracts attention from its proper object: Piter watching the slow-moving tide that is associable with the death of two of his apprentices.
He lives on his wits and love his sliminess. Never has the kind of manipulative lawyer he is been so relevant than in today's society.
The OASS of raw pork slightly declined with the development of sliminess and off-odors during product storage.
Alan Rickman played Reverend Slope with all the sliminess of a vat of jellied eels writhing in a page three girl's yearly supply of baby oil.
2), which draws on Sartre's sense of the "viscosity" of "the Jew" in Being and Nothingness; to Mary Douglas's anthropological work on the cultural associations of "the Jew" with "sliminess" in Purity and Danger; and to Julia Kristeva's work on "abjection," most notably in Powers of Horror.
In addition, they can impart undesirable mouthfeel attributes, such as sliminess.
They look good, fresh and well balanced and keep their texture excellently (there is none of that sliminess that tinned vegetables can sometimes have).