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a mucous substance produced by various organisms, such as fish, slugs, and fungi
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a substance of microbial origin that forms aqueous viscid solutions. In many bacteria the cell wall is covered by a slime capsule that protects pathogenic microbes from phagocytes. The secretion of slime in a certain direction enables myx-obacteria to move. Slime often binds individual bacteria cells into colonies in the form of long ribbons and films.


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Liquid slurry of very fine solids with slime- or mudlike appearance. Also known as mud; pulp; sludge.
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Michelle added: "I couldn't believe what I was seeing - it was absolutely horrific slimy mould.
The researchers may have found the culprit that is harboring them: the "thin, slimy sheets of bacteria" known as biofilms, according to a statement from the ( University of Rochester.
Our slimy friends don't tend to like sharp edges to climb over, so making a barrier around plants of the right materials can turn them away.
It included: "No handwash provided in toilets, it costs too much to pay for a company to come in and refill handwash dispensers, so the best we get is a bar of slimy soap now and again.
THERE was a slimy surprise for one woman when she bit into her supermarket fruit.
Slimy Sculpin (Cottus cognatus) is a native benthic fish of the Laurentian Great Lakes that often numerically dominates the benthic ecosystem of coldwater streams and is very important in predator-prey interactions (Fratt et at, 1997; Madenjian et al., 1998; Scott and Crossman, 1998).
They're slithery, scaly and slimy, striking fear into a lot of people, including the little girl at the centre of this book.
After just one stinky week, the flower falls apart into a slimy mush.
Even slimy trail, snails out of their avoid crawling over them.
Diving into the slimy underbelly of a diabolical plot, Dan comes face-to-tentacles with an amphibious villain named Ah'Chulhu (to which the usual response is "Gesundheit!").
Yesterday, an influx of another kind poured into the streets of the nigh deserted areas, leaving a slimy trail of mud and water.
They have described how in many cases of chronic sinusitis the bacteria form a biofilm, a slimy protective barrier that can protect them from sprays or antibiotics.