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a machine designed for making cores or molds in foundry work. A sand mixture is blown out of the slinger by compressed air, which is injected into the chamber through slots in the shell under a pressure of about 0.6 meganewton per sq m, or 6 kilograms-force per sq cm. As the mixture enters the core-box cavity or flask and is compacted, it forms a core or mold.

Slingers differ from core-blowing machines in the design of the chamber, which in the former has a single hole in a conical nozzle. Slingers are used for making cores in hot and cold core-boxes in which final hardening of the cores takes place. Automatic machine and automatic transfer lines developed from slingers have capacities of up to 600 cores per hour, with cores weighing up to 150 kg.


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Molding Groups 2 and 4: Molds for short and medium runs of medium-sized castings (up to 10,000 lb) are produced here using a 52-ton/hr sand slinger.