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CSK Software's real time financial server for the Internet.

Slingshot allows the delivery of real time market data across the Internet and private intranets quickly, cheaply and securely. The first beta-test version was released free to the Internet on 6 August 1996. Slingshot allows any financial institution, regardless of size, to publish their rates and associated information to a global audience using standard Internet protocols and software. The real-time data can be seamlessly integrated into any standard World-Wide Web application and thus combined with static text, database queries and even audio and video objects, to create services.

The Slingshot protocol enables the delivery of other forms of real time data over the Internet, thus making Slingshot useful in industries as varied as manufacturing, betting, telemetry, weather, transport and medicine.

Version 2's improved protocol minimises the required bandwidth and can go through firewalls, proxies, and virus scanners, making Slingshot real-time data accessible everywhere where normal web access is possible.
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Declare a winner, if you like, and pass back the paper drafts, instructing students to reflect on what made their machine successful or unsuccessful and what changes they would make if they were going to build it again after seeing the other students' slingshots.
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