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pottery decorated with various colors of slip, a thin mixture of clay and water. Slip may form a design on a contrasting background, or lines may be scratched through a coating of slip to show the color beneath, in the style called graffito. The decorated plates of the Pennsylvania Germans are good examples of slipware. Great beauty in decoration achieved through the use of slip may be seen on Greek pottery.
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His large slipware dishes with minimal decoration are extremely sought after today and the market is thriving.
Mr Sandon, whose father, Henry, discovered another Slipware piece - nicknamed Ozzie the Owl - on the show in 1990, at first doubted the authenticity of the cup.
WHILE I am typing this Time Tunnel I am sipping tea from a reproduction Puritan slipware mug bearing the motto, "Feare God 1630".
It was only his return to England and the social condition of the 1930s that Leach could begin in a practical way to cultivate the transformation of the trifurcated foundation of his work; English traditional slipware, the inspiration of the pottery of Korea and the Sung dynasty and the guidance of the Japanese philosophy of beauty as the foundation of the studio pottery movement.
The Harappan culture continued to make painted and plain pottery, clean slipware and redware, with pinched and incised decorations.
In terms of the division of labour, Wilson took on the introductory history of the collection, and the entries for Le Marche (excluding Xanto and his acolyte Giulio da Urbino), Umbria, the Abruzzi, Paduan istoriato, Pavia, the first two entries on French items, Asciano, and a few others, plus the slipware and lead-glazed wares, the fakes and doubtful items, and the summary entries on World War n losses, while Thornton looked after the far from inconsiderable rest.
The Synge-Craven Collection Of English Slipware: Exhibition on tradition, roots, history and influence of English Slipware ceramics.
Academic studies of rural domestic slipware have provided comprehensive technical and historical information on regional variations of form, decoration, clay and glaze, but seen as a folk art what makes the slipware so interesting is that they were made as functional objects.
Hands-on sessions will be held in a marquee next to the pottery where there will be an exhibition of Paul's own work, including slipware tableware, candle holders and figures.
Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin's Bread Plate, designed for Minton, mimicked Tudor slipware; the Ginori Porcelain Factory's Ewer and Stand faithfully imitated 15th-century Deruta maiolica; and Takeuchi Chubei's Lidded Jar, a glazed and enamelled porcelain piece, referenced Edo lacquerware.
Similarly, Blake has created a wall display entitled A Museum for Myself, full of objects that he was unwilling to incorporate in works to be sold to other people: a rotor disc signed for him by Marcel Duchamp; a piece of gold wallpaper from Rudolph Valentino's bedroom; one of the beautiful, crisp old Bank of England 5 [pounds sterling] notes, with its copperplate lettering; a signed photograph of the comedian Max Miller; some shards of broken china (including a nice piece of eighteenth-century slipware) dug up by his children; Christmas lights--little glass figures of Santa Claus, a baby and a lion; the first painting his daughter Liberty made; a couple of figures of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and a tiny Mexican wrestler made of cloth, given to him by his daughter Daisy.