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(mechanical engineering)
A synchronized feeder-knife variation of a rotary cutter; used for precision cutting of sheet material, such as metal, rubber, plastics, or paper, into strips.



a woodworking machine for cutting wood along the fiber. Shingles and wood chips (wood wool) are made by slitters.

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The SRI was specifically designed for high-speed slitter inspection applications and includes a 100% print face inspection camera imbedded into the control," explains Tony Bell, sales director, AB Graphic.
Atlas says it has now sold over 40 of the new CW Series slitter rewinders in widths from 2,500mm to 10,400mm for BOPP, BOPET and CPP films.
REM has also built large diameter slitter/rewinders and highspeed slitters with lift-out rewind stations.
The Aquila V-G is a narrow slitter that can use the Combocut slitting cassette.
We provide Converting Solutions that include top slitters, score slitters, razor slitters, razor blades, multi-grooved knife blocks, circular perfs, core cutters, top slitter holders, pneumatic air holders, rotary cutoff knives, web splicers and sheeter knives, produced in a wide range of materials and finishes.
The company has the means to provide a complete solution for many high quality mixing applications involving tilt mixers, including weighing and dispensing of powders, weigh and charge conveyors for mixer feeding, the Moriyama tilt mixer, skip hoist or other batch transfer device, Moriyama twin screw sheeter, slitter, batchoff system, stacking system and integrated controls, according to the literature.
This skiver is said to be the first that can utilize two winders and a slitter for skiving film rolls of two different widths simultaneously.
In addition, Dienes' long list of superior slitting technologies and custom designs include Constant Side Load Shear Knife Holders, Electronic Knife Holders, Simultaneous Slitter Positioning Systems, Uninterrupted Slitter Positioning.