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[for brandywine, from Du.,=burnt, i.e., distilled, wine], strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or from marc, the residue of the wine press. The most noted brandy is cognac, made from white grapes in the Charente district of France.
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When I got up to pay the check, I asked the waiter to bring another slivovitz to the older woman.
One of the other reporters drunkenly compared the slivovitz to American moonshine.
Local beer, wine and slivovitz (kosher and non-kosher) guarantee an authentic experience.
My mum got me through the pounds 125,000 mark when she knew that slivovitz was a brandy made from plums.
My boyfriend, Graham, and I weaveweave because we're slightly drunk after a breakfast of plumy slivovitz, brandy fritules, and Turkish coffeealong the Stradun, the main commercial street of Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia.
Given the serious topics in this issue, we have made sure to pack in plenty to lighten your heart: basketball talk with sports analyst Seth Davis; the etymology of the quaint Yiddish term bubbe meise; and the surprising renaissance of the potent East European brandy, slivovitz.
At times it would seem that all that the characters in Tranquility need do is to cross a spleenful of verbs, to have angry sex with one another, to share a bot-tle of slivovitz in grudging peace, or to love each other in order to drive each other mad, as though madness were like small pox, a disease spread through some mysterious medium of contagion.
I doubt a ballad will set the right tone in Moscow; most successful Eurovision entries tend to be bland, poppy numbers that get the Balkans swaying over their slivovitz.
by answering "plum" to the question "which fruit is used to flavour slivovitz brandy?
Carp's eggs, green salad, deviled eggs, pork spareribs, slivovitz, tiny meatballs, spicy sausage, pickles, wine, mineral water, baklava pastries.
Over the years, slivovitz has become a distinctly Jewish beverage, one to rival Manischewitz wine, and a popular social lubricant to celebrate the good times and lament the bad.
NOW that is what I call a mum-a woman who at 80 years old can unhesitatingly tell you that slivovitz brandy is made from plums.