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[for brandywine, from Du.,=burnt, i.e., distilled, wine], strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or from marc, the residue of the wine press. The most noted brandy is cognac, made from white grapes in the Charente district of France.
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Slivovitz comes from sin; the Slavic root word for plum, and refers to variants of 100-to 140-proof brandy that remain immensely popular in Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Bosnia, the Czech Republic and Serbia, which 3 claims it as a national drink.
Until the late 1800s when commercial production began to spread across Europe, slivovitz was mostly prepared in small batches, by home brewers and village tavern keepers, leading to regional nuances based on the type of plum available and the length and quality of the fermentation and distillation processes, At first.
by answering "plum" to the question "which fruit is used to flavour slivovitz brandy?
Carp's eggs, green salad, deviled eggs, pork spareribs, slivovitz, tiny meatballs, spicy sausage, pickles, wine, mineral water, baklava pastries.
NOW that is what I call a mum-a woman who at 80 years old can unhesitatingly tell you that slivovitz brandy is made from plums.
I was asked, `Which fruit is used to flavour slivovitz brandy?