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[for brandywine, from Du.,=burnt, i.e., distilled, wine], strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or from marc, the residue of the wine press. The most noted brandy is cognac, made from white grapes in the Charente district of France.
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When I got up to pay the check, I asked the waiter to bring another slivovitz to the older woman.
One of the other reporters drunkenly compared the slivovitz to American moonshine.
There is, of course, Manischewitz, that syrupy sweet sacramental wine, and slivovitz, a throat-burning plum-brandy with roots in Eastern Europe.
There's no reason the prohibition against consuming chametz means having to spend another Passover restricted to Manischewitz Concord, Golan Heights Cabernets, or the one-off slivovitz. A holiday that requires adults to down at least four cups of wine at the start ought to pack at least as much punch as St.
At times it would seem that all that the characters in Tranquility need do is to cross a spleenful of verbs to have angry sex with one another to share a bot-tle of slivovitz in grudging peace or to love each other in order to drive each other mad as though madness were like small pox a disease spread through some mysterious medium of contagion.
In winter this meant sitting in dreary parlors on hard, antimacassared furniture while they drank Slivovitz, raku, or vodka schnapps, and in summer endlessly pumping the porch glider as I watched circles of perspiration spread in shock waves from their armpits.
A glass of slivovitz to cheer up." After saying this, one of the policemen, Antoni Wrzosek, lifts his beer stein towards Mr.
He performed at the Mark Taper Forum in "The Biko Inquest," "Celebration" and "Slivovitz" and appeared in "The Chemmy Circle" at the Arena Stage in Washington, D.C.
One of the unkempt Muslim militiamen, unshaven and his breath flush with Slivovitz brandy, cocked and armed his M-72 anti-tank rocket launcher.
"My mum got me through the pounds 125,000 mark when she knew that slivovitz was a brandy made from plums.
Beverages available will include iced Serbian chocolate coffee, American and Serbian beers and wines, and Slivovitz Serbian plum brandy.