prunus spinosa

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All parts of the plant are used for all kinds of purposes, like diarrhea, kidney problems, mouth irritation, expectorant, diuretic, gentle laxative, astringent, disinfectant and good for the stomach. Bush or small tree, blackish bark and dense, stiff, spiny branches, oval leaves (look like tea leaves), flowers have 5 creamy white petals. Fruit looks like very large blueberries, black/purple/blue but smaller than plum.
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I didn't see it, but by all reports McKechnie was spectacular, and a special highlight was watching Miller, the big-haired tap dancer from Hollywood musicals, inhabit lines like "First you're another sloe-eyed vamp, then someone's mother, then you're camp...." Now the Paper Mill Playhouse has entered the competition for the "Bestest and Completest Follies Recording."
Hendrickson, a sloe-eyed fox, bounded about like an irrepressible scamp, ever one step ahead of any foolish attempts to contain or restrain his appetite for life and art.
Roy has enough charm and sloe-eyed good looks to play the fabled boy next door, the boy with the wide smile and polite hands who regularly wins over parents and children alike.
The sloe-eyed, titian-haired soprano, who hails from British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, helped launch the Boston Symphony Orchestra's concert series last October in Mahler's 2nd, proceeded to the Metropolitan Opera for a company (and Live in HI) broadcast) debut as Tebaldo in the new Don Carlo, starred in mid-February as Marenka in a Juilliard/Met co-production of The Bartered Bride, and through this year, covers for Kate Royal as Euridice in the Met's Gluck Orfeo, heads to Japan with the company for more Tebaldos and, midsummer, sings her first Melisande at Tanglewood, with another on-the-move Canadian, baritone Elliot Madore, as Pelleas and the great Jose van Dam as Golaud.
More sympathetically angled songs in the second act dilute this figure's purpose, but Hines' dry, talk-singy delivery and sloe-eyed confidence still please.
According to The Houston Post, she is a "dark-haired and sloe-eyed beauty," and you hardly ever find a good case of sloe-eyed beauty in the newspapers anymore.
It's hard to tell much about Henry up to this point, and it's really not until the third and fourth installments that a coherent story begins to emerge, with the ambitious Thomas Boleyn (Nick Dunning) pimping out his commoner daughters, including the sloe-eyed Anne (Natalie Dormer), hoping to ensnare the king.