slot diffuser

linear diffuser, slot diffuser, strip diffuser

An air outlet where the ratio of length to width of the outlet usually exceeds 10:1; the width of the outlet usually is not greater than 4 in. (10 cm).
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In present study, the gases and particles dispersion in three representative ventilation rooms: 1) room with a ceiling diffuser; 2) room with a side wall slot diffuser with height of 1.5 m [4.92 ft] and 3) room with a displacement ventilation diffuser at floor level were compared to examine the impact of the diffuser arrangement on the pollutant distribution.
In fact, as shown in Figure 9, studies have shown that a slot diffuser located a couple feet from the window with air directed both toward and away from the window can work well in both heating and cooling applications.
With a ceiling slot diffuser, the air in the room is gradated; at the diffuser, air at approximately 13[degrees]C (55[degrees]F) enters the room and washes the window.
By the mid 1990s, European engineers had fabricated a linear slot diffuser with induction nozzles and a coil.
The scan pattern used to capture flow velocity and asymmetry of the flow in the immediate diffuser discharge was a four or three-sided scan around the square or slot diffuser, respectively, as shown in Figure 6.
The AC design uses a laminar flow diffuser array over the surgical table with a high velocity slot diffuser at the perimeter of the sterile field.
Air at the inlet vents was supplied into the room through a linear slot diffuser (Srebric and Chen 2002) with four slots.
Termination Types Tested with Corresponding Duct Sizes and Flex Duct Usage Termination Type Flex Duct Duct Size Terminations Single-slot diffuser No 6 x 10 Titus ML39 diffuser Open Yes Small Open Rigid (2-layers MDF) Yes Small Rigid Single-slot diffuser Yes 6 x 10 Titus ML39 diffuser Square-face diffuser Yes 6 x 6, 6 x 10 Titus TDC diffuser Plenum Yes 6 x 10 Plenum Plenum with single- Yes 6 x 10 Plenum + ML39 slot diffuser diffuser Basic Physical Setup
I also recommend adjusting the adjustable outlets as shown in the plans, such as slot diffusers. As mentioned in a prior article, adjusting a linear slot diffuser so that it no longer blows down on occupants will invalidate any prior system balance.
Dean also developed a linear slot diffuser designed to maintain the "coanda effect" without aperture variation throughout the air modulation range.
In this case, the minimum and maximum values for [K.sub.x] and [K.sub.y] are shifted upward compared to the slot diffuser in Figure 2.
The chilled beam is typically a water-assisted linear slot diffuser, although other configurations also are used.