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Croquet is a predominantly still-ball game; in other words, you have time to think as you approach the ball, time to get nervous about a crucial shot, time to get into a slough of despond as your opponent pulls relentlessly ahead.
Of special interest to this reader, for whom membership in Kappa Alpha Psi was a source of meeting and making friends for life, was Andre McKenzie's chapter on the origins and evolution of "the Divine Nine," the nine black fraternities and sororities that "were to be the means of leading the Negro youth out of the slough of despond and raising him to a plane of intellectual and moral security."
The opening hole is the Slough of Despond -- a feeling all golfers will em pathise with having stood over a missed two foot putt or a duffed chip shot.
Anyone who has had the misfortune to drive through Orange County as frequently as I have will agree that it is mainly, if not entirely a Slough of Despond, in which the discrepancy between great wealth and architectural distinction is as extreme as anywhere in the United States.
It has been a difficult week, with the nadir reached with the slough of despond that followed the death of Persian Punch.
In 1993, two life-changing events tilted the see-saw of my life from the clouds (a spectacular love affair) to the Slough of Despond (surgery for a non-cancerous brain tumor, followed by the end of said romance).
For all the sadness of some of the stories, Meier's fresh prose, his eye for history, and his obvious affection for the country keep the reader from sinking into a slough of despond.
The gnarled, quicksilver second movement lacked proper articulation at speed and was more smeared than set forward; throughout, the Guarneri underplayed the dynamic contrasts innate to late Beethoven, and edging into that terrible Slough of Despond, the eternal mezzoforte.
A community that believed the good times had passed it by and left it in a slough of despond found that it could lift its head and reach for the stars.
Revelling in his political incorrectness, he sees Europe as `a slough of despond', and is amazed at how happy the French seem to be about being run again by the Germans.
By the way, I'm in this slough of despond because I have a hole in my roof.
I realize, once again, I have fallen into the slough of despond John Bunyan wrote about in Pilgrim's Progress.