Sludge Pump

sludge pump

[′sləj ‚pəmp]
(mechanical engineering)
(mining engineering)
A short iron pipe or tube fitted with a valve at the lower end, with which the sludge is extracted from a borehole.

Sludge Pump


a machine tool used in the drilling and operation of boreholes to raise liquids, sand, and sludge to the surface. Sludge pumps may be of the simple boring type, the piston type, the clamshell type, and the pneumatic type.

Boring sludge pumps consist of a hollow steel barrel or pipe, which has a shackle in its upper part that is used for connection to a cable or a rod and a valve in its bottom. Such pumps are used in percussion drilling without flushing for cleansing the borehole face of rock crushed by the bit or of sludge, as well as during boring in sand, quicksand, and gravel. In percussion drilling for water, sludge pumps are used for experimental pumping and for priming. Piston and clamshell sludge pumps are used in prospecting for field deposits. Pneumatic sludge pumps are used in ridding boreholes of sand plugs. A special type of sludge pump is the so-called bailing pump, which is used in pumping oil and brine; this type is not used in the USSR.

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Tenders are invited for supply and installation of 1 number 25 hp d-scanding submersable sludge pump motor of ksb mbh make with 25 meter suitable cable for the above subnersable pump - motor, 30 meter guid wire and 15 meter lifting chain and suitable delivary line for d sca
In 2014, the plant elected to purchase a second EMS filter press pump and in 2015, they bought the third EMS High Pressure Sludge Pump to feed the presses.
Other topics of the 240 papers include the impact of irrigation diverting water from the Yellow River on the regional water cycle, FEM simulation of temperature and thermal stress in the Xiaowan arch dam, dynamic mesh analysis of propeller characteristics, and a sludge pump with a recessed centrifugal impeller.
The Solid sludge pump comes with a polyurethane impeller and pump housing that provides high wear resistance when pumping abrasive media.
Pictured at the event are Kay Bowler (left) with a 1920s Millars Sludge pump and David Lee is seen (below) with his 1968 Trabant
The station features a stainless steel soaking tray for barrels, oven-baked powder coatings, ergonomic solvent brushes, a separate on-board sludge pump and inboard filters, Thomas said.
Tenders are invited for supply and installation of 2 numbers krtk submersable sludge pump motor of ksb mbh make model krtk 200 401 804 ung k with 25 meter suitable cable for the above subnersable pump motor 30 meter guide wire and 15 meter lifting chain
In fact, all night they showed their ability to read down a complex chart and showed special skill in pulling off a ferociously complex soli section in Dave O'Higgins's own number, Sludge Pump.
Tenders are invited for Providing and Fixing of Lifting arrangement for Sludge Pump sets in Waste Water recovery tank at Bawana Water Treatment Plant
An array of optional equipment can be specified on the Mud Dog 1200 including a 714K BTU boiler and 18 GPM max flow water pump, glycol heat-traced and insulated exterior water lines, patent-pending radar debris level indicator, sludge pump, transfer pump for fast water tank fills from detention ponds, boom lights, and chain racks.
Three larger Easi-Span buildings, measuring 14 feet by 30 feet and 30 feet by 40 feet will house a return sludge pump, administrative offices and restrooms.
University Mechanical & Engineer Contractors (UMEC), an EMCOR subsidiary, will construct and install process equipment and piping installation for the raw water control, ballasted flocculation basins, filter gallery and filters, blower room, reservoir/pre-chlorination well, finished water pump station, recovered water basin, thickened sludge pump station, sludge drying beds, chemical building, and lox / ozone mechanical room for the water treatment plant.