slum clearance

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slum clearance:

see housinghousing,
in general, living accommodations available for the inhabitants of a community. Throughout the 19th cent., with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, housing as a problem worsened as urban populations expanded.
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; city planningcity planning,
process of planning for the improvement of urban centers in order to provide healthy and safe living conditions, efficient transport and communication, adequate public facilities, and aesthetic surroundings.
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SLUM CLEARANCE Children playing around demolished houses in Byker, Newcastle in August, 1968; above, left, Kirk Street, Byker, in 1974; above right, the construction of the Byker Wall in the early 1970s; demoliton in July, 1973
But further slum clearance could not offset a swing back to Labour at the 1964 election, and Geoffrey Rhodes ousted Montgomery by 1,644 votes.
As part of the slum clearance programme in Grand Casablanca, the project aims at constructing 899 plots to rehouse 1,798 families, 151 mixed social plots and 12 others to accommodate nearby public facilities and economic activities.
Nottingham's incinerator and its heat distribution scheme are managed by separate companies, as Coventry's would be, but unlike Coventry's scheme, Nottingham's incinerator was linked tro homes, providing heating for up to 5,000 homes in the estate of St Anne's, a slum clearance area.
Stockton's slum clearance plans PROPOSALS to clear 1,316 slum houses in several parts of Stockton were debated by Stockton Council.
Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Igor Chudinov signed a government decree on approval of the Regulation on the Order of Slum Clearance on the territory of populated centers in the country.
Both the child stars' were rendered homeless after Mumbai authorities torn down their shanties following a slum clearance drive.
THE shanty home of Slumdog Millionaire child star Azhar Ismail was bulldozed yesterday in a slum clearance.
All seems quite normal to begin with as elderly Connie and Wilfred Craven wait to move out of their back-to-back house in a slum clearance drive and go into a nice new flat.
Only then will the Black population cease to be disposable, and only then will genuine slum clearance lead to the creation of meaningful eco-zones for people who have good jobs and good social services.
Thirdly, slum clearance touched on the political third rail of property rights: American courts were much more solicitous of slumlords' interests than those elsewhere in the world.