slump mold

slump cone

A mold in the form of a truncated cone with a base diameter of 8 in. (20 cm), top diameter 4 in. (10 cm), and height 12 in. (30 cm); used to fabricate a specimen of freshly mixed concrete for the slump test; a cone 6 in. (15 cm) high is used for tests of freshly mixed mortar and stucco.
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I use potter's plaster and make a class set of slump molds using the relief from the plastic bowls.
Beginning with simple one-piece press, hump and slump molds and moving though multipiece slip-casting molds, the author suggests numerous project ideas that could be explored individually or adapted for high school or college ceramic classes.
A few students used plaster slump molds to get their forms, and some just rolled out a shape, cut it in half and scooped the excess clay out to make a shell.