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Visitors to the bar can also order an Eton Mess slushy or straight up Eton Mess for PS8.
As he rubbed the ashes on my forehead, I felt the blessing they offered--the promise of a Lent when the slushy mess of winter would slowly melt into the spring of Resurrection.
Thompson was driving a 1999 BMW two-door westbound in one of two uphill lanes toward the summit when the car veered out of control on the rainy, slushy surface.
Help has arrived for Alan Hopkinson, of Wirksworth, Derbys, the man whose potatoes turned into a slushy mess whenever he tried to boil them.
Instead, the researchers sampled the top of an overlying 3-m-thick layer of slushy saltwater.
El Nino could leave Nagano, warm and slushy with too little snow--a Winter Olympic nightmare.
Add half the ice at a time, whirling after each addition, to make a fine, slushy texture.
The plant utilizes flue gasses from the lime kiln to produce calcium carbonate which replaces other fillers such as clay which was imported in a slushy form from Georgia.
or maybe something a little more on the refreshing side such as Sparkling Cranberry Apple Cinnamon Slushy, from The Carriage House in South Bend, Ind.
CHICAGO -- Comedian Jimmy Fallon took a quick but icy dip in Lake Michigan -- dressed in a full suit and tie -- eyes bulging as he darted out of the slushy water and headed straight for a pile of dry towels.
Over low ground it is unlikely that any snow will accumulate but many areas may see falling snow and slushy deposits for a time.