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Obsolete (of beer, etc.) of low alcoholic strength


All else being equal, smaller is usually preferable in sustainable building. Larger buildings and spaces require more materials and energy to construct and use more resources to heat, cool, and maintain.

What does it mean when you dream about being small?

If something looks small and distant in a dream, it may be something related to an experience way back in the dreamer’s past. This was an interpretation put forward by Sigmund Freud. (See also Little, Shrink).


Functional, lazy, untyped.

["SMALL - A Small Interactive Functional System", L. Augustsson, TR 28, U Goteborg and Chalmers U, 1986].


A toy language used to illustrate denotational semantics.

["The Denotational Description of Programming Languages", M.J.C. Gordon, Springer 1979].
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"Besides, if your product sells reasonably well with a small ad, it's common sense that you'll sell even more with a bigger ad."
They say the number of complaints from people unwittingly dialling expensive and fraudulent premium rate numbers in response to letters, small ads, bogus prize competitions and Internet promotions has at least doubled in the last year.
I found Davies' number in the small ads of a local paper more than a year ago.
But newspapers and listings magazines charge by the word, so small ads are as concise as possible.
A certain travel firm can fix it for you, according to small ads in a number of newspapers.
"Once in a while A&S would run some small ads for upholstery, but they weren't a major advertiser."
"The position would be created through small ads, telephone calls and flyers," she said, "and carried through in the service of the property." For instance, she said, 45 West 45th Street is positioned to be an avenue building on a side street.
But, while he seemed more hip-op than "special ops", Woodward's enigmatic Robert McCall was actually a former secret agent-turned-troubleshooter, taking out small ads to offer his services.
A survey of more than 3,000 people, commissioned by the RSPCA, found that nearly a third (32%) said they will search the internet or small ads for a bargain.
A I SUPPOSE you could always try the small ads or the internet.
Put the time in, do the distance and know your prices, and you can buy stuff out of the small ads for less than you'd pay at auction.
The penniless fraudster used internet dating sites and small ads to meet a string of unsuspecting victims.

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