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Obsolete (of beer, etc.) of low alcoholic strength


All else being equal, smaller is usually preferable in sustainable building. Larger buildings and spaces require more materials and energy to construct and use more resources to heat, cool, and maintain.

What does it mean when you dream about being small?

If something looks small and distant in a dream, it may be something related to an experience way back in the dreamer’s past. This was an interpretation put forward by Sigmund Freud. (See also Little, Shrink).


Functional, lazy, untyped.

["SMALL - A Small Interactive Functional System", L. Augustsson, TR 28, U Goteborg and Chalmers U, 1986].


A toy language used to illustrate denotational semantics.

["The Denotational Description of Programming Languages", M.J.C. Gordon, Springer 1979].
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Selgin argues that the use of token coins for small change would require that mints hold 100 percent reserves against the coins they issue.
Small Change makes one primary argument: that campaign finance regulation has been the result of a competition for electoral resources among various factions within both the major national parties--not a Progressive political tradition rooted in anti-corruption and good-government sentiment, as most contemporary works imply.
But it's good for the shop as we get charged for small change.
As one small change leads to another over time, the accumulation of improved processes can result in significant company-wide adjustments.
If the results were negative, we could revert to the former operation and try a different small change.
In general, the most reasonable strategy would be to introduce a small change that will snowball.
Making way for small change, after VAT, does make a lot of difference for those households with limited income, where every penny counts ("No small change even in UAE banks and hypermarkets", Gulf News, January 8) It takes each drop of water to fill a pitcher.
EIGHTEEN Huddersfield charities are among 1,000 in the UK to benefit from Yorkshire Building Society members' small change.
STOCKTON Borough Council joined in the first nationwide Small Change, Big Difference week to show people how small changes in their life can add up to a big difference to the environment.
nuneaton-baseair cadets have been saving every penny of their small change in their own bid to support our injured troops.
But considering the price of fertility treatment at a doctor's office, that's small change.