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A short while later, Olayuk spied four walrus slumbering on a small ice floe, about 250 yards out.
Thirdly, of the sea near Colwyn Bay Pier being frozen and also small ice floes off shore.
uk ROBERT TAYLOR, OLD COLWYN 'The sea near Colwyn Bay Pier froze and there were small ice floes off shore.
Gulls also swam rapidly towards young dovekies, zigzagging among small ice floes, presumably to confuse the birds and catch them before they could dive.
Also, gulls swimming rapidly toward young dovekies by zigzagging among small ice floes presumably confuse them as to the direction of the attack, making the decision to dive more difficult.
In contrast to the Beaufort Sea east of Point Barrow, small ice floes in the Chukchi flaw zone occupy a zone beyond shorefast ice that is 50-100 km or more wide.

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