small satellites

small satellites

Following are the categories of the smallest communications satellites, based on weight. Large satellites can weigh up to 12,000 pounds.

          Weight Range            (Pounds)Type      From      To

  Mini     220    1,100

  Micro     22      220

  Nano       2.2     22

  Pico     3.5 oz     2.2

  Femto    up to 3.5 oz
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NASA s Launch Services Program (LSP) has awarded multiple Venture Class Launch Services (VCLS) contracts to provide small satellites (SmallSats) -- also called CubeSats, microsats or nanosatellites -- access to low-Earth orbit.
Since its inception, Firefly's mission has been to dramatically reduce the cost of commercial launch services for small satellites and science missions across the entire sub-1 metric ton payload segment.
During the final stage of satellite formation, multiple small satellites tend to form near the outer edge of the ring.
SDL is also a significant player in the growing industry of small satellites, which can vary in size from barely larger than a Rubik's Cube to about the size of a desk chair.
The company develops and manufactures low-cost small satellites to bring Earth imaging data directly to its customers.
and the state-owned Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency aim to halve the cost of developing and launching small satellites to slightly less than JPY 10 billion (USD 115 million).
Today, more than two dozen small satellites, called CubeSats, orbit Earth.
Abu Dhabi The space technology and broadcast market is currently undergoing a major transformation as small satellites take on most of the capacity and functions of larger ones, including earth observation and imaging, a space technology forum heard in the capital yesterday.
Along with Akatsuki, the space yacht Ikaros, or Interplanetary Kite-craft Accelerated by Radiation Of Sun, and four small satellites developed by students were also put into orbit.
Contributors discuss the features, innovations and history of small satellites and discuss such developments as the role of AMSAT and CubeSat and coalition operationally responsive space.
The test was part of a program that is exploring a new way of launching small satellites into space called the Falcon Small Launch Vehicle (SLV) program, administered by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Air Force.
The February observations rule out the possibility that other similarly small satellites orbit closer to Pluto than either of the new moons do.

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