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Obsolete (of beer, etc.) of low alcoholic strength


All else being equal, smaller is usually preferable in sustainable building. Larger buildings and spaces require more materials and energy to construct and use more resources to heat, cool, and maintain.

What does it mean when you dream about being small?

If something looks small and distant in a dream, it may be something related to an experience way back in the dreamer’s past. This was an interpretation put forward by Sigmund Freud. (See also Little, Shrink).


Functional, lazy, untyped.

["SMALL - A Small Interactive Functional System", L. Augustsson, TR 28, U Goteborg and Chalmers U, 1986].


A toy language used to illustrate denotational semantics.

["The Denotational Description of Programming Languages", M.J.C. Gordon, Springer 1979].
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Once your smallest balance is gone, congratulate yourself, then switch focus to your next smallest balance using the same system.
'I told them coming into the game against Letran, we have two choices: It's either we lose by being the smallest team or we win by being the smallest team,' he added.
Saybie was deemed the world's smallest surviving newborn by the Tiniest Babies Registry that is maintained by the University of Iowa.
The smallest surviving girl was born in Germany in 2015 weighing 252 grams, according to the registry.
While the smallest constituency in Punjab is NA-67 (Jehlum) whose population is 5, 46000.
Objective 1: Using a fixed-rate, the largest amount available on March 22 was $100,225 from lender A; the smallest was $83,995 from lender D.
The cross-section of the track is the smallest in the world, Deng said, adding that the consumption of permanent magnet materials also stands at a very low figure thanks to the 120-millimeter width and 25-millimeter thickness of the track.
According to a private news channel, UK phone firm says that its new tiny T1 thumb sized handset is the smallest handset ever made.
Tendera 57_2017 ufz id360 "cn analyzer for the smallest quantities of solids" 11/6/17
"She must be Britain's smallest pug - if not the smallest pug in the world," Pip's owner, Joanna Astley, told the ( Daily Mail in 2015.
Until last year the Smallest House was owned by Margaret Williams, a journalist and author often seen outside the attraction sporting traditional Welsh costume.
The smallest engine is a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol as found in the VW Up!