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Obsolete (of beer, etc.) of low alcoholic strength


All else being equal, smaller is usually preferable in sustainable building. Larger buildings and spaces require more materials and energy to construct and use more resources to heat, cool, and maintain.

What does it mean when you dream about being small?

If something looks small and distant in a dream, it may be something related to an experience way back in the dreamer’s past. This was an interpretation put forward by Sigmund Freud. (See also Little, Shrink).


Functional, lazy, untyped.

["SMALL - A Small Interactive Functional System", L. Augustsson, TR 28, U Goteborg and Chalmers U, 1986].


A toy language used to illustrate denotational semantics.

["The Denotational Description of Programming Languages", M.J.C. Gordon, Springer 1979].
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This smallish west coast chain specializes in fat-laden burgers, but its charbroiled chicken sandwich rates an "Honorable Mention.
We've a smallish squad so a lot of the players will start to get tired.
A North Wales Fire and Rescue spokeswoman said: "It was a smallish fire which covered a patch of ground of about 40 meters.
The trouble is, when you hear the name "Cadillac" you think of Elvis and acres of chrome and sharp fins, not a smallish boxy saloon.
Culloty played down concerns that neither the officially soft ground nor the smallish field would appear to play to the strengths of a gelding whom he has ridden in all but three of his 20 career starts.
The bedroom was a packrat's riot of religious fetishes and erotica, with the four posts of the bed mounted with monitors showing surveillance videos by Julia Scher set opposite two smallish paintings by David Salle.
Martinez joined Greg Maddux in the past decade in defying scouts' bias against smallish right-handers, winning Cy Young Awards in the National League (1997, with Montreal) and the American (1999 and 2000, with Boston).
Made by Yoplait, this yogurt has smallish pieces of fruit and is not particularly creamy, but has a good taste.
A bonsai (it means "a plant in a tray") should be confined to a smallish pot and then you just have to pinch out the top growth and shape the branches as you wish.
THE four-piece were joined by a keyboard player and road tested virtually all their new material to a smallish but enthusiastic crowd.
If realistic drawing is of interest to you or your students, you will need to look far and hard to find as much relevant information about drawing packed into one smallish volume as this book provides.