smart tags

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smart tags

(1) A browser plug-in that recognizes words and phrases on Web pages and automatically turns them into links to advertisers. Although users may find the tags annoying, website publishers loathe them because they make it easy for the user to move away from their sites. See TopText, banner ad, adserver and in-text advertising.

(2) (Smart Tags) A smart tags feature slated to be built into the Web browser in Windows XP, but removed in the first release of XP due to public opposition. Many considered Microsoft too large and powerful a company to implement such a feature.

(3) Sometimes, RFID tags are referred to as smart tags. See RFID and RFID tag.
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Drawing less current per op-amp than the typical self-discharge current of a lithium-ion battery, TSU10x devices enable long operation from small coin cells in applications such as energy-harvesting systems, personal medical monitors, smoke alarms, passive infrared detectors, wireless sensors, security cameras and smart tags. Specified maximum current over the temperature range is as low as 800 nA at 1.8 V or 850 nA at 3.3 V and typical current consumption is just 580 nA at 25[degrees]C and 1.8V.
The stakeholders submitted before the court that they decided to set up multiple points for sale and marketing of smart tags and smart cards.
Even more recently the company has begun using smart tags, read by a handheld scanner, that allow employees to quickly learn which items need to be replaced so that shelves are consistently stocked and inventory is closely watched.
Mueller's new role encompasses responsibility for ID Infrastructure and also the company's Transponder product lines, consisting of radio frequency identification (RFID) inlays and smart tags, as well as NFC tags, labels and cards.
This new technology will allow users to pair the BlackBerry Bold to an accessory or read information such as a web link from smart tags by tapping their BlackBerry Bold to an NFC tag.
Around one billion smart tags' are circulating in Europe in 2011.
"I'm fascinated by their relationship with the changing aerial environment and I think the smart tags, developed here at Swansea University, are going to provide insights into how the mountain winds shape their everyday lives."
The removable smart tags will be placed on individual garments which can be read by the retail workers from a distance through hand-held scanner.
The system reties on smart tags that will be embedded on the blood bags as well as on patient wrist bands.
It also has smart tags that mark terms for immediate reference and "click through" ability to recordings during review.
Bathroom and kitchen fittings seem an unlikely new field for RFID tags, but Hansgrohe, the company that puts its products into a substantial part of Europe's bathrooms, now uses smart tags to control its workflow, and in particular to ensure that before products are sold, all necessary parts are present and correct in each kit.
In addition, this innovative product showcases Smart Tags, labels stitched into the corners of the fitted sheet and at the foot of the flat sheet.

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