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(of systems) operating as if by human intelligence by using automatic computer control


Christopher. 1722--71, British poet, author of A Song to David (1763) and Jubilate Agno (written 1758--63, published 1939). He was confined (1756--63) for religious mania and died in a debtors' prison




Said of a program that does the Right Thing in a wide variety of complicated circumstances. There is a difference between calling a program smart and calling it intelligent; in particular, there do not exist any intelligent programs (yet - see AI-complete).

Compare robust (smart programs can be brittle).


Incorporating some kind of digital electronics.


(1) (SMART) (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) See SMART HDD.

(2) A popular tech term that implies computer driven. See smart appliance, smart browsing, smart car, smart card, smart city, smart clothes, smart garden, smart grid, smart gun, smart home, smart luggage, smart parking, smartphone, smart radio, smart speaker, smart TV, smartwatch and intelligence.

Everything Is Smart These Days
In case you forget what you have in the fridge, this Samsung unit takes a photo every time the door closes, and its contents can be viewed remotely while in the supermarket. (Image courtesy of Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd.,
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Kuwait: Al Hamra Business Tower and Luxury Center - Winner, Smartest Building in Kuwait;
Tower and Luxury Centre won Smartest Building in Kuwait and King Abdullah Petroleum
The smart payment service is a first step taken by DSG as part of an innovative and integrated smart system that it is implementing as part of its endeavours to ensure Dubai becoming the world's smartest city as soon as possible, he said.
He called on all of Dubai Government's entities and departments to work together to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world.
program is a great opportunity for Indian audiences to be a part of a fun and adventurous competition not just in India but with audiences across China, Indonesia & Vietnam and finally three of our smartest people will represent India to compete in Taiwan and demonstrate that we are the "Smartest".
The smartest athlete is Oakland Athletics reliever Craig Breslow.
Actually organizing and accounting for all my incoming and outgoing funds is the smartest thing I've ever done with my money.
The boy gave the parachute back to the priest and said, "Not to worry, Father, the smartest man in the world just took off with my backpack"
Other members of the cast include Nagi, a spoiled brat; Klaus, the sinister head butler; and Maria the maid, the smartest of the bunch.
Although he is often the smartest guy in the room, he is often uninformed about what others think and feel.
It was the smartest business decision we ever made'' Jim Press, president of Toyota Motor North America, told LAEDC board members this winter.
Said Blair, "With its exquisite landmark-quality architecture, state-of-the-art building systems and unsurpassed views, 500 Fifth Avenue has made the corner of Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street the smartest corner in Midtown.