smell test

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scent test, smell test

A test for leaks in a drainpipe; a material having a strong odor is introduced into the pipe and leaks are detected by tracing the scent to its source.
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Table 1--treatments and formulations Sample Meaning and function LA Control with low ammonia LAB Control with low ammonia and bactericide HA Control with high ammonia TBL Treatment with tannin, bactericide and ionic surfactant, pH 8 TBR Treatment with tannin, bactericide and non-ionic surfactant pH 8 Table 2--results of smell test Smell score Time (hours) Sample 6 30 54 78 150 222 318 408 LA 10 6 Coa (a) Coa Coa Coa Coa Coa LAB Am (b) Am Am Am Am Am 5 4 HA Am Am Am Am Am Am 3 2 TBL 10 7 7 7 7 6 4 5 TBR 10 10 10 9 9 8 5 8 (a) Coa means the sample has coagulated.
Although the settlement may not Cypass the smell test,' as the saying goes, it is not serious misconduct," he added.
Is there an official smell test - a smellometer perhaps - to discover the limits?
Wyden also noted that during his chairmanship, his committee would focus on education, "another area where the tax code doesn't pass the smell test.
Unlike the overused "bad weather" excuse, nearly a week less of shopping caused by a late Thanksgiving on the calendar passes the smell test as a reason for less-than-hoped-for sales.
Valcourt left the room after addressing the youth having said he might not even table the legislation at all, shelving the bill if consultation determines it fails the smell test.
It wasn't as if they got caught by highly trained auditors who worked hard to discover clever schemes--any 4th grader could have figured out in a cursory inspection that something nefarious was up, that the "improvements" that led directly to bonuses and perks didn't pass the smell test.
Passing The Smell Test Following are the good and bad scents for real estate open-house events.
Requesting reviews, weighing in on social media sites about issues and trends, and responding to negative reports are all ways to conduct a convincing smell test.
allow several days for good drying and then smell test or use any other method of personal analysis.
Remember the saying: "If it doesn't pass the smell test, don't do it.
In fact, the fork also may have poked the crew of lobbyists in the eye, at least according to Hess observation: "The House may not be made up of geniuses, but when they hear all the promises and claims made about this bill, they came to conclude that all of it didn't pass the smell test.