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in metallurgy, any process of melting or fusion, especially to extract a metal from its ore. Smelting processes vary in detail depending on the nature of the ore and the metal involved, but they are typified in the use of the blast furnaceblast furnace,
structure used chiefly in smelting. The principle involved in this means of extracting metals is that of the reduction of the ores by the action of carbon monoxide, i.e., the removal of oxygen from the metal oxide in order to obtain the metal.
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the process of converting ores, usually metal ores, in smelting furnaces to produce a final product in molten form. Blast-furnace smelting is used in metallurgy for extracting metals from ores. Solid or molten metallic charges are converted by smelting in open-hearth furnaces, electric furnaces, and oxygen-Bessemer furnaces. Ferrous alloys and nonferrous metals are refined by smelting. Other applications of smelting are the production of alloys and the fusion of solid metals for pouring into cast ingots or for making intricate castings. A single cycle of the smelting process, as well as the resulting product is sometimes referred to as a smelt.

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The heating of ore mixtures accompanied by a chemical change resulting in liquid metal.
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The company helped facilitate the collaboration between Alcoa and Rio Tinto on the carbon-free smelting process, and Apple has agreed to provide technical support to the JV partners.
The joint venture between Alcoa and Rio Tinto said their new non-carbon-based smelting process will be commercially available by 2024.
"The efficiency of the entire system is increased, and the pollutant emissions are reduced." This heat exchanger variant is suitable for all ZPF gas-fired aluminum smelting and heating furnaces, which have a connected load of more than 300 kW and a high smelting ratio over the entire operating time of the furnace.
Weighted tailings, binder, SS of 0 and 0.4% of the mass of the lead-zinc smelting slag, and mixing water were mixed and homogenized until obtaining a homogeneous paste.
The Smelting Plant and IPP are located in Middleburg, South Africa, around 300 kilometres from the project.
However, in reality, smelting is not needed to extract diamonds from a rock; they are already in their final form, ready to be cut and polished.
From Figure 3, the trends in the release of antimony from smelting slag under different solid-solution ratios were clearly separate.
These leading attributes contributed to Aluminium Bahrain BSC (Alba) selecting EGA's DX+ Smelting Technology in December 2012 for its Line 6 Bankable Feasibility Study; followed by the milestone decision by Alba to select the same technology for its Line 6 Expansion Project.
"Recycling and smelting operations are usually conducted in the open air, in densely populated urban areas, and often with few (if any) pollution controls that release lead contaminated compounds into the local environment in critical quantities," the Blacksmith Institute stated on its website.
The area is a massive smelting camp containing the remains of hundreds of furnaces and layers of copper slag, the waste created during the smelting process.
Alcoa, New York, has announced it will close or curtail 164,000 metric tons of smelting capacity in the United States and Brazil as part of its smelting capacity review.