smoke hood

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1. A cover placed above an opening or an object to shelter it.
2. A cover placed over a fire or chimney to create a draft and to direct the smoke, odors, or noxious vapors into a flue; may be supported or hung in space, or attached to a wall; sometimes furnished with a grease filter or extractor, a light fixture, and fire-extinguishing system.
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The main objective of Healthy Hoods was to design a smoke hood that would remove significant amounts of IAP, while offering a model that would not interfere with families' traditional practices and allow for them to place efficient-though not necessarily clean-cookstoves beneath it.
Soft Logic, Inc., distributes the Provita Smoke Hood, made in the United Kingdom, for the corporate jet industry and fortune 500 corporate aircraft.
To be useful at all, a smoke hood must meet certain criteria: It needs to form an airtight seal around your head and neck, protecting your eyes, nose and mouth; it must be constructed of heat-resistant material such as Kapton; and it absolutely must feature a filter that brings in air from the outside into the mouth.
However, you may want to extend your plans further to include respiratory protective smoke escape devices (RPEDs), commonly referred to as "smoke hoods."
EVAC-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood by Brookdale Intl.
The company has developed a series of personal safety kits incorporating a smoke hood, sterile water packet for eye cleansing, a 16-hour high-pitched personal locator alarm, flashlight, and 12-hour glow stick.
Work unearthed an original, timber-framed smoke hood of the early construction, now restored and the only intact example in Britain.
SOLUTION: A smoke hood in homes could save lives in developing countries