smoke outlet

smoke exhaust system

A mechanical or gravity system intended to convey smoke from one portion of a building to the outdoors; usually includes a purging-and-venting system, as well as exhaust fans.
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The percentage of ARI was also significantly higher among children having no smoke outlet in their houses (<0.05), those with dampness in their houses (<0.001), and among those having pets (<0.05), (Table 2).
Each student was interviewed by using a structured questionnaire (drafted in English and translated to Tamil) consisting of demographic information (age, sex, literacy status of parents & family income), environmental information (separate toilet, kitchen, smoke outlet, domestic animal & drainage system in house) and hygiene practice information (hygiene about hand, face, oral, hair etc.
It is made up of two bronze friezes set in an 82ft-long granite structure originally designed as a smoke outlet for underground trains when they were powered by steam engines.
An opening in the top of the dome symbolizes the smoke outlet for a campfire but served in Jack's time as a stovepipe outlet.
Elizabeth Frink's Horse and Rider at the corner of Dover Street and Piccadilly shows the lack of thought, for just in front of the piece is a brass plaque reading 'smoke outlet'; or the corporate square at Canary Wharf, where 'sculpture is on a stone plinth exactly like the buildings'.