smoke outlet

smoke exhaust system

A mechanical or gravity system intended to convey smoke from one portion of a building to the outdoors; usually includes a purging-and-venting system, as well as exhaust fans.
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Building protection, Approximately 350 m 2 two-layer bituminous waterproofing of basements, Including building protection, Approximately 1 000 running meters attic boards made of osb boards, Approximately 100 running meters attic boards made of chipboard a2, Approximately 134 st modular rooflights, Approximately 39 st skylights with pr attachment construction, Approximately 30 st skylights as smoke outlet, Approximately 4 st shaft smoke extractors, Approximately 100 st control stub, Approximately 900 st wireless humidity sensors, Approximately 50 st emergency overflows, Approximately 1 200 running meters clothing attic made of aluminum sheet, Approximately 390 m 2 double standing seam roofing, Approximately 10 800 m 2 extensive green roofs partly as vegetation mats, Incl.
The percentage of ARI was also significantly higher among children having no smoke outlet in their houses (<0.
Each student was interviewed by using a structured questionnaire (drafted in English and translated to Tamil) consisting of demographic information (age, sex, literacy status of parents & family income), environmental information (separate toilet, kitchen, smoke outlet, domestic animal & drainage system in house) and hygiene practice information (hygiene about hand, face, oral, hair etc.
It is made up of two bronze friezes set in an 82ft-long granite structure originally designed as a smoke outlet for underground trains when they were powered by steam engines.
An opening in the top of the dome symbolizes the smoke outlet for a campfire but served in Jack's time as a stovepipe outlet.
the smoke outlet hopper of the exchanger will have to be adapted according to the characteristics of the new exchanger.
Similarly, there is a smoke outlet in the form of fire-resistant ducts for rooms in the basement.
Electricity and safety: high voltage distribution board and cabin emergency lighting, no-break, technical premises lighting, common lighting, intercom systems, automatic garage door, fire detection, intrusion detection, smoke outlet, hose reels, extinguishers .
Realization of the canopy of the new building: Glass of about 290 m * consists of a frame carrying fixed frame laminated double glazing and a smoke outlet.
The lanterns also serve as vents for stale air and smoke outlets in case of fire.
Exterior windows in most of the dwellings are small, sometimes only 50 x 70 mm on the third and fourth floors with small smoke outlets tilted up through the walls on the first floor so that they punctuate the outer surface of the building somewhere above the second floor.
2150 sqm roofing with extensive green roofs on flat roof- 10 round skylights which 4 as smoke outlets, and two roof exits in concrete flat roofs- Approximately 270 running meters Attica covers- Anchorage points as a cable system- About 570 square meters waterproofing of concrete ceilingBT2 - DreifachsporthallePart of the roof-LVs for component 2 are roof insulation, waterproofing membrane with z.