Smoke Screen

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smoke screen

[′smōk ‚skrēn]
A screen of smoke used to hide a maneuver, force, place, or activity.

Smoke Screen


an artificially created cloud of smoke or haze which impedes enemy observations and aimed fire (bombing) and conceals the operations of friendly forces. The effectiveness of a smoke screen depends on meteorological conditions and, above all, wind velocity and direction. Smoke screens may be used for either blinding or camouflaging purposes; they may be employed in frontal, flank, or rear positions, as well as in false directions, and, depending on implementation, may be either mobile or stationary. Smoke screens are created by means of smoke pots, grenades, shells, bombs, and smoke generators mounted either in stationary positions or on motor vehicles, tanks, planes, and ships.

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Read more about the Army's development of smoke screens at www.
The Illusion of Being Black: Behind the Smoke Screen is worthy of reading, re-reading and passing along to others to read.
Perhaps Smoke Screen is a solution that caters for every side.
Like many children our daily lives and entertainment were barrage balloons, mobile anti-aircraft gun smoke screens (to be lit unofficially) and picking up metal pieces from previous night raids.
Strobe light to dazzle pursuers' Oil slick and smoke screen dispensers' Bullet-proof glass to foil close-range shots' Emergency oxygen supply to beat poison gas attack' Reinforced, armour-plated bodywork' He's got one .
The firm is about to install its first smoke screen system in a Liverpool printer's computer suite.
Proponents claim the measure would level the playing field, while opponents, led by the HBA, say public financing is a smoke screen to elect antigrowth candidates.
Likewise, the great smoke screen might have continued to obscure the courageous, talented female intellectual in the male-dominant Negritude movement were it not for Sharpley-Whiting's efforts in this book.
Former NEA leader David Kirkpatrick says the call for research is a smoke screen.
Choosing to avoid the cliched encore by using a smoke screen to create an interlude while the music dipped, Weezer showed they were wise to the routine and able to play a crowd.
When the suit was filed, LRP publisher Ken Kahn told NL/NL that Law Bulletin was "putting up a smoke screen of 'deceptive practices' and so on, but the judge would bring it back to copyright.
The suggested threat that abolishing CON will bankrupt state and federal budgets is a smoke screen.