Smoke Screen

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smoke screen

[′smōk ‚skrēn]
A screen of smoke used to hide a maneuver, force, place, or activity.
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Smoke Screen


an artificially created cloud of smoke or haze which impedes enemy observations and aimed fire (bombing) and conceals the operations of friendly forces. The effectiveness of a smoke screen depends on meteorological conditions and, above all, wind velocity and direction. Smoke screens may be used for either blinding or camouflaging purposes; they may be employed in frontal, flank, or rear positions, as well as in false directions, and, depending on implementation, may be either mobile or stationary. Smoke screens are created by means of smoke pots, grenades, shells, bombs, and smoke generators mounted either in stationary positions or on motor vehicles, tanks, planes, and ships.

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ECBC is currently completing a multiyear effort to refine several smoke screen compositions that will allow troops to mask themselves from enemy fire.
The Illusion of Being Black: Behind the Smoke Screen is a call to action alerting the reader to the negative effects of the absence of father's in the home.
Perhaps Smoke Screen is a solution that caters for every side.
The American attacks, both air and sea, were so relentless, bold, and effective, and squalls and smoke screens made clear identification so difficult, that Kurita was convinced he was facing a much larger force.
You can use the smoke screen and oil slick discharge, the revolving number plates and activate the bulletproof shield at the back.
David Morales, a Salvadoran church representative, said the government's support is a "smoke screen" intended to obscure its decision not to overturn a 1993 amnesty that released the man convicted of Romero's murder.
Members of the privileged white mainstream know they own it--and they are using it as a smoke screen in reconstituting the dominant order.
The strong emotions are a smoke screen, it seems to me, covering deeper issues, dragons which we are not willing to face.
User fees are a smoke screen for government to keep the existing trust fund money, keep the aviation fuel tax, keep the airline seat tax, and add still another way to extract money from citizens.
They accused him of misappropriating campaign funds during his first run in 2004, an unproved allegation he says was just a smoke screen. "I've seen a pattern emerging in both recruiting candidates and perhaps convincing candidates, one way or another, to withdraw from races--both gay candidates and those friendly to LGBT issues," Wagner says.