Smoke Screen

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smoke screen

[′smōk ‚skrēn]
A screen of smoke used to hide a maneuver, force, place, or activity.

Smoke Screen


an artificially created cloud of smoke or haze which impedes enemy observations and aimed fire (bombing) and conceals the operations of friendly forces. The effectiveness of a smoke screen depends on meteorological conditions and, above all, wind velocity and direction. Smoke screens may be used for either blinding or camouflaging purposes; they may be employed in frontal, flank, or rear positions, as well as in false directions, and, depending on implementation, may be either mobile or stationary. Smoke screens are created by means of smoke pots, grenades, shells, bombs, and smoke generators mounted either in stationary positions or on motor vehicles, tanks, planes, and ships.

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'These are really agitating the minds of Nigerians, leaving them with no choice but to conclude that the cleanup is a smokescreen. So, when will the cleanup commence and when will the first drop of oil be cleaned from Ogoni?,' he queried.
He served as the OSCE Representative on Media Freedom between 2004 and 2010.So that smokescreen was meant only for the poor?MH: Orban's bloc consists of two parts: one is the nouveau riche, the bureaucratic new middle class that he nurtures and which in exchange for political fidelity receives beneficial tax exemptions as well as good jobs and business.
"I'm demanding assurances from the further education commissioner and minister that this decision isn't just a smokescreen to bring forward even deeper and faster cuts."
The national or cultural argument that it's right to rule over homosexuality does not wash - it's a smokescreen for value systems that reflect insecurity and fear
Professor of public health at the University of Melbourne, Rob Moodie said that Coca-Cola's attempts are 'smokescreen' adding that obesity is a commercial success and Coca-Cola has been a huge participant and beneficiary of that commercial success and its job is not health but making money.
The Pars Community last night slammed Dunfermline chairman John Yorkston and claimed he's throwing up a smokescreen for the board's inability to save the club.
Or is this just a smokescreen to hide the drastic cuts being put forward by NHS managers who will cut anything but their fat salaries?
who keep misusing his name as their personal smokescreen, Kalam represents all the qualities that those who give him lip respect don't.
So when Stuart Pearce came out with his 'don't panic, I'll pick the squad' outburst, we'll naturally assume that Pep is being fitted up for his Three Lions blazer and it's all part of some cunning smokescreen.
Smokescreen aims to make young people think about solutions to online privacy and security as the risks and threats could actually be real.
Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati's government will be a smokescreen of Hizbullah's rule, said Ali Hamadeh, a columnist with the pro- Hariri newspaper AN NAHAR.
The two were at their stations in the destroyer HMS Comus when the highly-specialised director control, which co-ordinated range and firing of all guns, was unable to act in a heavy smokescreen. On their own volition the two seamen fired 30 rounds of 4.5 inch shells on to the ammunition dump, which was destroyed.