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river, c.250 mi (400 km) long, rising in Jasper National Park, W Alta., Canada, and flowing generally NE to the Peace River. It receives the Wapiti and Little Smoky rivers. It was explored (1792) by Alexander Mackenzie.
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A cafe in one of the smokiest areas of Tyneside is to outlaw lighting up ahead of a Government ban in 2007.
This is the third concert that I have seen there and although it was a problem at the previous concerts (Paul Weller smoked throughout his time performing onstage), the UB40 show was the smokiest and most intense as all spectators were seated.
First, the smokiest places - rowdy pubs and clubs that aren't serving food - will probably be exempt anyway.
But even Donald at his smokiest would have been pushed to emulate the havoc which Munton and Giddins wrought on the Nottinghamshire innings.
Known as the smokiest malt from Scotland, Laphroaig is a strong single malt that tests taste buds and challenges the palate like never before.
The deeper, more intense flavors of Johnnie Walker Double Black derive from the combination of selected aged, naturally smoky whiskies and whiskies matured in deep-charred oak barrels, all carefully blended to bring out the smokiest flavors," commented Master Blender Jim Beveridge.
It used to be the smokiest pub in the city and after I gave up smoking I had to avoid it for a while.
The cocktail called for Laphroaig single malt Scotch, one of the smokiest drams on the face of the earth, to be married to vodka, and a few drops of Pernod.
Full-bodied, one of the smokiest and peatiest single malts.