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river, c.250 mi (400 km) long, rising in Jasper National Park, W Alta., Canada, and flowing generally NE to the Peace River. It receives the Wapiti and Little Smoky rivers. It was explored (1792) by Alexander Mackenzie.
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The coffee company was founded to introduce the subtleties of artisan coffee to the suburbs where coffee drinkers are most familiar with the smokiness highlighted by larger brands.
Halfway, the juices from the meat drips on to the charcoal, releasing sudden flares and imparting that heady smokiness to the meat.
This 11% abv Imperial Porter (stronger than a Baltic Porter) straight from De Molen in the Netherlands is all about rich malts, chocolate and dark fruits, a little smokiness finishes this wonderfully dark smooth beer.
You want the oven hot enough to crisp up the edges just enough to impart some roasted smokiness.
It has been designed to mix the traditional strength and darkness of English Breakfast Tea, which is ideal with lots of milk and sugar, and the lighter distinctively peaty smokiness of Scottish Breakfast Teas.
Chicken Liver Pate with Chase Smoked Vodka - This seductive pate combines the earthy flavour of chicken liver with rustic smokiness that only Chase vodka can offer.
It has subtle smokiness on the nose, together with honeyed nectarine and peach.
Prepare a barbecue with wood chips soaked in water, to get the smokiness, and cook on low heat to your liking.
94, Juckes of Worcester) has the bouquet of bounteous dried apricots and deep honeysuckle aromas with a touch of smokiness around the edges.
Hibiki 12--Blended Whisky (Suntory, 43%): some delicate smokiness in the nose and mouth, with some fruit.
Stephen Wilson, Johnnie Walker's US brand ambassador, that one of the key things with Walker is that there's always going to be that smokiness," the New York Daily News reported.