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river, c.250 mi (400 km) long, rising in Jasper National Park, W Alta., Canada, and flowing generally NE to the Peace River. It receives the Wapiti and Little Smoky rivers. It was explored (1792) by Alexander Mackenzie.
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The lowest concentration of CO and smokiness was observed when fossil diesel fuel was mixed with 30% of fatty acid methyl esters (a mixture of 20% of Camelina sativa oil or linseed oil fatty acid methyl esters and 80% of tallow fatty acid methyl esters).
This wine has a rich, fruity style with a great finish and a great balance of crisp acidity with a slight smokiness.
Fire-roasting adds intense character and a subtle smokiness to the artichokes.
It's all about the smokiness and caramelization of foods, adds Bale.
Without peat to fuel the malt-drying fires prior to fermentation, master distillers attempted to approximate that characteristic smokiness by aging their "white-dog" (clear, unaged whiskey) in new, white oak barrels whose insides had been charred.
Use her Southwestern Chipotle to infuse your pasta or mashed potatoes with a spicy smokiness.
A gorgeously glowing pink mist drifts over the hill under a gray and yellow sky whose soft smokiness is abruptly cut off by a razor-sharp horizon line.
Mediterranean vegetables -such as aubergines and peppers -are particularly popular Grilling or roasting add an aromatic smokiness to most vegetables but these two in particular undergo a dramatic change when cooked over or under direct heat, taking on a smoky sweetness.
Recent studies have shown that low-fat sausages or frankfurters have increased smokiness, spiciness, saltiness and reduced overall acceptable flavor when compared with their full-fat counterparts.
They are very acidy, and the spiciness or smokiness come across as a twist to the acidy tones.