smooth finish

smooth machine finish, machine finish, smooth finish, smooth planer finish

A finish on a stone surface, produced by a planer with a smooth-edged cutting tool that shaves without plucking; tool marks, if evident, are removed by a carborundum wheel, by hand scraping, etc.
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Then, unexpectedly, a pleasantly smooth finish takes over, delivering subtle accents of honey and dried fruits.
PS6.50 Morrisons The Best Nero d'Avola Morrisons A plummy and peppery wine with plenty of flavour and a smooth finish. This one is great with your Sunday roast or a meaty pasta sauce, as well as roasted veg.
Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Red Carpet lipstick, PS24, A deep matte red with anti-oxidants to hydrate lips and create a soft, smooth finish.
| |Taste the Difference Zinfandel, Paso Robles, USA (PS10, Sainsbury's, in-store only): Rich and sweetly ripe, it's loaded with juicy, blackberry, plum and damson fruit, with a kick of spice on the smooth finish. This will reward you even more if you let the wine breathe before serving.
Thanks to its smooth finish, it's very easy to clean, which is always a bonus for people with busy lives.
Allow at least 24 hours for the filler to dry and sand it down for a smooth finish.
Chapters discuss all the options in each project, from putting together collars and using facing and bands for a smooth finish to sewing curtains and other home furnishings.
The weather has to be right but it's well worth it if you're after a smooth finish. Both products are much better than sand and cement.
Maxguard MRR Ultra Jet Black gelcoat provides a deep, rich black with depth and body, and glassy smooth finish. Maxguard MRR Ultra Black gelcoat is easy for manufacturers to apply and has high performing properties such as improved weathering, flexibility, scratch resistance and repair ability
Roasted malts, moderate bitterness and a touch of citrus are wrapped into a velvety mouthfeel and smooth finish; something Guinness knows a bit about.
Before you reach for your lipstick bullet, prep around your mouth for a smooth finish. "Start by using a primer, concentrating on the nasolabial folds [smile lines] and any creases that run through the lip line," Kingston suggests.