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see dogfishdogfish,
name for a number of small sharks of several different families. Best known are the spiny dogfishes (family Squalidae) and the smooth dogfishes (family Triakidae). Spiny dogfishes have two spines, one in front of each dorsal fin, and lack an anal fin.
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Age and growth of the gray smoothhound, Mustelus californicus, and the brown smoothhound, M.
Food habits of the gray smoothhound, Mustelus californicus, the brown-smoothhound, Mustelus henlei, the shovelnose guitarfish, Rhinobatos productus, and the bat ray, Myliobatus californica, in Elkhorn Slough, California.
Acoustic telemetry tracking from prior studies revealed that Gray Smoothhounds (Mustelus californicus) used primarily the eelgrass ecotone and warm interior waters in Bolsa Chica Full Tidal Basin (BCFTB), a 1.48 [km.sup.2] open-format marine dominated estuary.
Four species represented more than 66% of the entire elasmobranch abundance: Panamic stingray (Urotrygon aspidura) accounted for 26%, rasptail skate (Raja velezi) contributed 16%, brown smoothhound (Mustelus henlei) composed 15%, and witch guitarfish (Zapteryx xyster) accounted for 9%.
Further, this kind of information may facilitate the understanding of population dynamics of species with conservation priorities such as angel sharks, narrownose smoothhound shark and tope shark.
Blue shark, shortn mako, smoothhounds, catsharks and tope shark are on the list the organisation wants protected.
First place went to Dave Leader with a smoothhound and conger eel for 3.74kg.
Dave, 57, from Blandford in Dorset, then thought he had hooked a monster plaice on ragworm and ammo squid strip bait - but it turned out to be a 18lb 4oz Starry Smoothhound.
A good plaice of 2lb 8oz was taken from Roker Promenade on squid and mackerel strip by Bishop Auckland angler Russ Balmer, and a Hartlepool angler fishing the Headland landed a surprise Starry Smoothhound.
Green moray Gymnothorax funebris Florida smoothhound Mustelus norrisi Finetooth shark Carcharhinus isodon Thresher shark Alopias vulpinas Atlantic stingray Dasyatis sabina Starfish (family) Astropectinidae Spider (genus) crab Libinia sp.
But thankfully the smoothhound shark is not considered dangerous to people., one of the oldest travel websites which launched in 1995, retains a tiny staff under co-founders Trevor Dumbleton and John Reed.