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(Sample Neufeld ASN.1 to C/C++ Compiler) A program by Mike Sample <> which compiles 1990 ASN.1 data structures (including some macros) into C, C++ or type tables. The generated C/C++ includes a .h file with the equivalent data struct and a .c/.C file for the BER encode and decode, print and free routines.

snacc includes the compiler, run-time BER libraries, and utility programs. snacc is compiled under GNU General Public License. It requires yacc or bison, lex or flex, and cc (ANSI or non-ANSI).

ITU TS X.208/ISO 8824.

Latest version: 1.1, as of 1993-07-12.

E-mail: <>.

[Michael Sample and Gerald Neufeld, "Implementing Efficient Encoders and Decoders for Network Data Representations", IEEE INFOCOM '93 Proceedings, Vol 3, pp. 1143-1153, Mar 1993].

[Michael Sample, "How Fast Can ASN.1 Encoding Rules Go?", M.Sc. Thesis, University of British Columbia, Apr 1993].
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