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letterwood, leopardwood, snakewood

A mottled wood of Guiana; has high elasticity; used for decorative veneer.
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Brasses, east of existing HI rail line, artefact scatter focussed around small gilgais and one very large gilgai W3-06 South side of broad but shallow creek in snakewood (Acacia sp.
BOW DOWN: This snakewood bow has an unusual ivory frog or finger rest; MUSICAL PAIR: These two violins were most likely made in Germany around the turn of the century
For materials, Line is well schooled in the exotic hardwoods such as snakewood, McAsser ebony, purple heart, zebra, goncalo alves, walnut, figured maples, wenge pink ivory, kingwood, and tulipwood.
He buys in zebrano, snakewood, pink ivory and piquia amarello to give the cues the performance and style demanded by the top players.