snap head


The head of a bar, bolt, rivet, or screw which is hemispherical in shape; usually the head is less than a full hemisphere and has a flat bearing surface.
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If the detent snap head sticks, you'll have trouble adjusting the pole.
Tenders are invited for rivet snap head dia:6x22 is:2998
Contract awarded for 73252244-hot forged solid steel rivets diametre, 12x56 mm (snap head type) to i.s:1929/82 (reffirmed 2001) 1st.amendment no.1 to 3.material as per is:1148/1982 (reffirmed 2004) with amendment no.1 & 2,3rd revi
Contract awarded for 1) 4698n1-large span wire ending clamp 130 as per rdso eti/ohe/p/1140 - mod 12 and galvanized snap head pin dia 20/55.
Contract awarded for 73253182-rivet ms snap head 16 x 65 mm spec.:bis specification reaffirmed 2001 or latest and 1148-2009 or latest.
Contract awarded for 73253145-hot forged solid steel rivets 16 x 55 mm(snap head type) to is:1929/82 (reffirmed 2001)1st.amendment no.1 to 3.
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Contract awarded for 2510ns-set of snap head aluminium rivet for gear case of tao hitachi, tao chi traction motor and suspension as per size (1) o 2.5x20mm long (2) o 03x30mm long (3) o 03x50mm long.
Tenders are invited for 1.rivet alum alloy snap head size dia 5 x 21 mm long 2.
Contract awarded for 15ns-set of snap head rivet as per is 1929/82 comprising, 1) rivet size - 4 mm x 40 mm ( 1-1/2" ) long ( qty.1000 nos/set), 2) rivet size - 4 mm x 32 mm ( 1-1/4" ) long ( qty.1000 nos/set) and 3) rivet si